Homemade Tacos (my version)

Last week, I had a good friend over for lunch. We decided to make homemade tacos. I’m not familiar with traditional mexican food, never mind tacos. But I guess I’ve developed a Western style of making tacos.


The ingredients are really basic: flour tortillas, your choice of ground meat/ poultry (beef, chicken, pork), chopped lettuce and fresh parsley, shredded cheddar cheese, sour cream, diced tomatoes and avocados. I used ground chicken breasts. And I (somewhat) followed this recipe to season the chicken when cooking it. If you don’t have all the spices that the recipe calls for, tweak it accordingly; I only had chilli powder and cumin. It depends on your taste buds; some like it spicier or less flavourful. Make sure to taste in the cooking process.

When ready to serve, pile everything on a warm tortilla.

Why this menu works?
1. It’s a friendly and hands-on experience. If you have more than one guest coming over; give them something to do; they can dice the tomatoes, chop the lettuce and or shred the cheese.
2. Cleaning up (dishes) is easier compared to others; it’s mainly the prep-ing that takes the most kitchen tools and dishes.

E N J O Y ! : )

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