I never considered creating a Chalkboard Kitchen Recommends Toronto page. It’s probably due to the fact that I’m a really picky eater and I can only count the restaurants I would go back to on one hand (okay, so I might have more than five).

My Toronto (and GTA) Top Picks
1. Pho 88 (Scarborough location/ Warden Ave) – I have been coming here since Grade 9. This is one of my favourite Vietnamese restaurants and I created so many highschool memories with my friends. Apart from that, every meal is the same, same recipe and service (which I like); never disaapoints. It gets really busy at lunch but it’s worth the wait (my entry here).
2. Santouka– Hokkaido Ramen – ever since about two years ago, ramen has been a fad in Toronto. I remember there always being a new ramen restaurant that would open up every month. Santouka had me hooked on the first time. With a small restaurant, only having 10 tables plus a bar to sit at, wait times can vary depending on the party you have. Try the cold noodle salad on a hot day! (my entry here)
3. Gusto 101 – This is a restaurant that I would bring my friends to; a loudy but enjoyable environment. Don’t expect much room to move as the restaurant is packed with people. Gusto 101 makes and serve their own red and white wine (must try!). I really recommend ordering the grilled sea bass or the grilled butternut squash (writing about it makes my mouth water, my entry here & here).
4. Buk Chang Soon Tofu – This has been a family favourite ever since my brother introduced it to Dad. A clay pot of boiling soup (of your choice) is severed with a bowl of purple sticky rice. The appetizers are basically bottomless (free, they don;t charge you if you ask for me or at least not the last time I went). They do have other dishes on the menu, but the restaurant is known for their tofu) (my entry here).


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