Hong Kong

In November 2016, I went to Hong Kong for the first time. No, it wasn’t sticky and overly humid. I spent two-ish weeks there and fell in love with the city. It hasn’t been a half a year since my visit, but I am already planning on going back. There are so many hidden treasures and lots to explore.

These are my Hong Kong Top Picks
1. Dim Sum: It’s a mandatory breakfast ritual that I’m sure all Chinese people have. But the vibes and friendliness at Lin Heung are what made my mom and I eat at this restaurant twice! It’s old fashion style dim sum and I love it, although waiting for a table is the worst part, you have to seat yourself. Read my experience here.
2. Markets: I love markets, whether it be food or shopping markets. I love the style that everyone collectively gets together. I can spend hours just walking up and down the aisles. And there surely are tons in HK. Read my experience about HK markets here.