Fresh Food Street Markets – Hong Kong Part 3

I am super excited to be writing this entry! I remember every photo I ever took of these markets and I swear to the Food Gods that I will never be sick of capturing the ins and outs of the tiniest detail of these markets. I just love groceries and markets (any kind really) in general (I can spend hours  in a grocery store, alone). Sadly, I didn’t have a kitchen to use when I was staying in Hong Kong, but that doesn’t mean that I couldn’t try the wonderful assortment of fruits and just admire the Hong Kongers doing their jobs.


This  kitty was wondering around the market before it was open. A professional model and posing for the camera, like he or she knew that I would be there. :P


One of my biggest regrets is not eating durian (cries). I really wish I had a chance to eat fresh durian and we had a large enough party to finish one. NEXT TIME, I WILL!


The meat & poultry are sold very differently compared to North America! I always thought that meats had to be in a cool environment after butchered. It is just kept out under a strong red light with tons of flies hovering around.



These green tangerines are treated like gold. I’ve seen it everywhere. People just deskin the peel from citrus and keep the fruit’s rind. Chinese people dry them (it takes a long long time) and use it in soups and cooking. The longer the drying / aging process, the more expensive it is. It is such a shame to see the tangerines go to waste like that, especially in Hong Kong. You can spot the box (from the photo above, on the lower right corner) full of peeled tangerines. I have tasted them. They are  indeed very sour, but it is edible.





My mom and aunt brought fruits at the markets almosts everyday. Since we were constantly eating out (3-4 meals daily), we needed to fruits to keep us hydrated and healthy.


I don’t think I’ve seen anything like this. You can purchase already de shelled chestnuts. I think I’m in heaven!



I don’t think I’ll ever be sick of street markets if I had one close to home. But unfortunately I don’t. The only market I can think of is St.Lawrence Market and the fruits and vegetables are very expensive.

Photos via Canon 70D.


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