I was just reading the paragraphs below and who knew that it would be 6 years since I started this blog. Enough with the

Who: I am the main editor and photographer now. The food-blog idea was ours, but I ended up executing the plan (blog name, title, writing, etc.). I am still in school, so during my time away from studying, there will be more on-schedule and up-to-date posts.

What: The food-blog idea is still evident. As for new things, maybe I will think about how to jazz Chalkboard Kitchen up, for nothing is planned for now.

When/ Where : I will try my best to schedule a blog post to come out (almost) every Thursday. If I happen to write more that weekend, there will be two per week (Monday and Thursday). I will be traveling this summer; here and there. So be on the lookout for special posts!

Why: Chalkboard Kitchen has turned a year old. And recently, I’ve discovered that I enjoy blog writing. Although there is a lot of work that comes with it, I like the fact that people actually read or (at least) look at what I’ve worked on. And that puts a smile on my face. So, if I can’t get a job in the field I’m studying in, this will be my backup plan (I’m being serious!).

Disclaimer: None of the recipes I write about on Chalkboard Kitchen belong to me, unless otherwise stated. I am not paid to advertise recipes, restaurants or foods mentioned on Chalkboard Kitchen. The ideas, posts and writings are all my honest opinions.


Updated April 2014


Who: Our names are Dennis and Tiffanie. We are siblings. We are currently in our undergraduate years in post secondary school. Just two ordinary people that share the same interests. Dennis studies computer science and I major in region and urban planning/ civil engineering. We split this website into two sections. Dennis is in charge of the layout and ‘technical’ parts (mainly pictures) and I will be blogging about our kitchen and food adventures.

What: Dennis and I have been thinking about starting a blog or website (for sometime) to post our food experiences. We finally agreed and willingly made the effort to start Chalkboard Kitchen.

When: As from the answer about ‘who’, Dennis doesn’t have a 9-5 ‘regular office job’ and I’m still completing my undergraduate studies. We tend to have a busy life and can be sometime hectic for both of us. We try to recreate dishes from our family tradition, make dishes from recipe books and sometimes invent our own dishes from our creative minds. We will try to post and update about 2-4 times per month (just whenever we have the spare time to cook and blog).

Where: Depending on the day and month, we will post pictures and blogs from the restaurants and foods that we try and we go to but mainly we will be updating from home because we use our kitchen, often enough, to create meals.

Why: Our family has a passion for food. We (in the current years) have been exploring different ethnic foods from North America and obviously from other parts of the world. Dennis and I are always willing to try and go to restaurants that people recommend.

*Updated September 2013


One thought on “FAQ

  1. Looking forward to reading all the kitchen and food adventures from the two of you. I think that Dennis needs to blog too, and not just deal with the technicalities. Just a thought. :)

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