London is so diverse and that’s probably one of my top reasons for falling in love with this city. And of course there is so much more than the city’s diversity — it’s just so different from Canada. Everything; the shops, restaurants and subways are all within walkable and close in distance. In August 2014, I spent less than a week in the city. Now I’ve complied my favourite London to-go food related locations.

My London Topic Picks
1. Borough Market – a crowded food market with food lovers and foodies, great outdoors atmosphere with friendly people and many distinctive aromas (my entry here)
2. Harrods – food heaven!, this department store has individual restaurants and cafes on several floors but a large section of the ground and second floor dedicated for food halls (with includes fresh bakery items, fresh meats and seafood, various chocolates, spices and ingredients from different countries) (my entry here)
3. Hawksmoor – hands down the best roast beef and yorkshire pudding I’ve had, best first English roast experience (my entry here)


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