During my school break for the holidays which was in late December 2014 to early January 2015, I went to visit my cousin who was working in Seoul. I was excited for her to show me around and also spend some quality cousin time. Four months after, I’m finally coming up with my top favourites/ restaurants in Seoul.

My Seoul Top Picks
1. Slow Garden – this restaurant resembles a car garage; spacious yet welcoming atmosphere with lots of plants and windows to view outside. It’s the perfect sit down restaurant to have breakfast/ lunch and just talk for hours (my entry here).
2. Bingsoo (shaved ice) – this is a must try if you’ve never had shaved ice; my favourite is the strawberry flavoured one (the strawberries are super sweet and hardly sour). There are many cafes/ dessert restaurants in Seoul (my entry here).
3. Gwangjang market – it’s all about the food/ culture experience. Nothing beats eating dumplings on a cold winter’s night outdoors with my winter jacket on (my entry here).
4. Korean Barbeque – I’ve been to many Korean barbeque restaurants, but none like Kang Ho Dong Baek Jeong; the meet was so fatty but yet so delicious. And plus, have you seen a tube that is literally an inch away from the barbeque and sucks up the smoke (my post here; there are worldwide franchises of this restaurant)?


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