Strawberry Season–Part 1

*Note: My visit to Whittamores Farm for strawberry picking will split into two blog posts mainly because there are too many photos for one post.

Last week my family and I went strawberry picking at Whittamores Farm. There is a large (in my opinion) farm that is a 30 minute drive from my neighbourhood. They have a variety of crops and fruits year round, depending on the season.

We arrived around 9:30am and there were people leaving the farm already. I couldn’t believe it, but it does open at 7am on weekends.


I wonder how many people followed this rule?


We had to walk quite a distance to gate 7. Because there were so many people (as mentioned before), there were also many cars in the farm field.


This starwberry sign is so cute!


I filled my paper bucket real fast; 1. it was so humid and hot and 2. crouching made my legs hurt.



This was only some of the people that were in gate 7 picking strawberries with us.





We ended up with 5 baskets (I know that there are only four in the photo above) and it costed us about $40. It was $2.35 per pound.

Part 2 will be posted in a few days. Look out for it!

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