All You Need Are Appetizers and Desserts

Parties are truly the best! Not only does everyone get together, whether it be family or friends, but the fact that everyone gathers around food is the perfect setting for Christmas. Hosting 30+ people is a lot of work and I am so thankful for whoever’s family is hosting for that year.

I loved the variety of appetizers the guests had at this year’s party. No theme in particular, it’s hard to host for that many people, never mind sticking to a theme!

  • salmon sashimi & rolls
  • pumpernickel bread with spinach dip (my newfound favourite)
  • cheese
  • surfclam
  • shrimp cocktail
  • mini pizzas



There always seems to be sangria when this family hosts a party. Don’t get me wrong, but I’m always down for a glass(es) of it (even though it’s not made properly [I wouldn’t care to know the difference])

Every time our families get together, we always manage to have a table full of desserts! I love desserts and their presentation. The table had creme brulee, fruits, homemade cheesecake, brownies, mini banana muffins, tiramisu and others I can’t remember.

Photo 2015-12-26, 21 40 49

Photos are via my Canon12 and Carmen (her blog here).


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