Moji Japanese Eatery

Ice cream. Not my favourite. But if it has durian in it, than that’s a different story. So I was telling my cousin that I went to Moji for lunch and I wanted to try dessert someday. And so we did.




Originally I ordered the Durian King. Sadly it was made and served but it was taken away after several seconds later. Apparently, according to my cousin (I was absent from the table when it was taken back), there was something wrong but  we didn’t know what. This was the first disappointment of the day.

So I chose another dessert which was Cookies and Cream. It’s not what you think it is… it’s actually crushed oreos sprinkled on top of ice cream. There were two ice cream  flavours to choose from, but the matcha soft serve machine was broken…which meant I was left with the strawberry flavour. It was another disappointment to know that it was artificial strawberry flavour.


Here is snippet of my cousin working behind the scenes for my blog. Haha! Much is appreciated, she know that.  : )


I wouldn’t go back for dessert because of the limited choices. But I do recommend having lunch. There are many choices to choose from, ramen to rice dishes and many appetizers.
Visit Moji’s website here.


Dessert at Smoothie House – Taipei Part 6

Smoothie House  was just across the street from where we had dinner that night (at Du Hsiao Yueh). And with all the eating during the day, my dad insisted on having two desserts, shared among five.  And mind you that our hotel was just minutes away from this dessert shop. It was also pouring rain in late November (aka, chilly winds).

Super Mango Snowflake Ice with Pannacotta


Matcha and Red Ban Snowflake Ice


The two were alright (my opinion), but dad really liked them, especially the mango one.
Click here to go to the website.

P.S. If you’re wondering which is better: Taiwanese shaved ice or Korean shaved ice, my vote definitely goes to Korea’s Bingsoo.

Sweet Ecs

*Side note – I usually don’t like going to these types of dessert places, but a friend really wanted to try this place out.


If you’re in the Toronto and GTA area, you’ve probably seen Sweet Esc photos all over instagram by now. I had two first impression when I walked into the ~30 seat dessert shop. A: It was really cold, the a/c was on like high, and it wasn’t even a hot day. B: The space is really good for insta-likes.


If my brother saw the inside of this cute dessert cafe, he would definitely say that’s so me, because it’s so hipster. And I’ll have to admit that I fancied the decorations and minimalistic designs.


Be aware that there are some items menus that have not been changed/ updated.


We ordered two items (the cafe only had three main categories to choose from): Belgian waffles, toast and cake). They also serve drinks, tarts and savory desserts. We had a hard time choosing because everything on the menu looked as good as everything else.

First was Belgian waffles (only three quarters, I wonder what happened to the last quarter) served on a hot sizzling plate with maple ice cream, vanilla cream and topped with an assortment of nuts. The maple ice cream was really icy (too watery) and the maple flavour wasn’t distinct enough.


Next, we chose toast with earl grey ice cream, chocolate cream served with fruits. I thought that I would have liked the waffles better, but the toast, ice cream and the fruit jam turned out to be the winner (my favourite from the two).


Would I eat here again? Probably unlikely, only if a friend asks me to.
Click here for Sweet Esc‘s website.
Photos via iPhone 6.