Local 1794

Photo 2015-12-29, 6 06 04 PM

Apologies if the photo above is too dark. As some say, pictures are worth a thousand words, and trust me, Local 1794 is more than just words!

Photo 2015-12-29, 5 48 56 PM


It’s location is random, not somewhere I would find myself most nights. But treasures are found in the most unexpected places.  The restaurant itself is narrow, but I would say that it has a fair amount of seats; cozy and lovely atmosphere.

I hadn’t really looked at the menu prior Wednesday night, but everything was tempting.  I’m glad we settled with ordering and sharing two plates, I was scared that it wouldn’t be enough for just two people.


T had trouble deciding what drink to order, and she finally settled with St. Ambroise Apricot Wheat. I had a sip, very light (I might see if LCBO carries it). I really wanted a Caesar. It was tangy and spicy…just writing this entry makes my mouth water! And I didn’t know that Caesars’ come with horseradish (I’m really new with cocktails)!


We ordered butter chicken poutine and butternut squash risotto. Both were very cheesy and creamy. I always try to order something I can’t make at home. I’m glad I stuck with the risotto. The menu had a variety of pizzas, burgers and other mains. There were a few house specials at night, and I’m sure they’re amazing!

The restaurant has a front patio. I can just imagine the amount of guests and what it would be like once the weather gets better. There were a few reserved tables (including ours) and when we left (around 8pm) the restaurant was full but no one was waiting at the door. I would definitely recommend this to friends.

Local 1794 is a 5 minute walk East of Coxwell Station. Click here for the website.


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