Dinner at Du Hsiao Yueh – Taipei Part 5

To eat Taiwan’s famous “braised pork rice bowl“, we went to Du Hsiao Yueh.  The restaurant is located on Yang Kang Road, so it was really convenient to get to. We walked past the restaurant the day before, as we were aimlessly wandering the streets and decided to try it out because when we looked in through the restaurant’s glass building, there was a clay pot with layers of sauce built up on the pot’s edge. What an excellent way to attract guests!


There were six of us, so we either had the pork rice bowl or pork soup noodle. The bowls look small, but it was just enough for dinner (we hit up a dessert place afterwards).




I’m trying to figure out what this vegetable is called. And from my quick five-minutes of research, it’s called baby bird fern nest and looks something like this before cooked.  We saw it all the time, while walking up and down the street markets.



We didn’t stay long, as most people dine and left. But I would recommend it. It’s a nice trendy two floor restaurant.


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