Winterlicious 2017 – Cibo Wine Bar

Can I please get a hallelujah because I just discovered the best Winterlicious restaurant. Why, you might ask? The answer is simple. BUFFET! That’s right… what I thought would be a three course Sunday lunch turned into an all-you-can-eat (aka ACYE) Italian lunch. SCORE!
I was waiting with a friend for our table and saw that people were walking up and down stairs with plates full of everything, ranging from pastries to pasta to little assortments of desserts. And soon I was one of them, filling my plate with everything I could fit in my stomache.


Because the restaurant had three floors, food was spread throughout the building. The upper floor (literally a staircase with four steps from the main floor) had the main courses, including three different pastas cooked when you order it from the kitchen, three different freshly tossed salads, charcuterie plate, seafood cooked in a tomato sauce, sandwiches and all the Italian appetizers.




The basement wasn’t bad at all. There were plain and chocolate croissants, mini danishes, fresh Belgian waffles, sausage, bacon fruits and desserts.





I would totally recommend trying Cibo Wine Bar next time Winterlicious rolls around (but be sure that they are having a buffet during these two weeks). The restaurant was full and packed! They even managed to seat people at the bar (which I found weird). When I finished lunch around 2pm, there were even more people waiting for tables compared to when I first walked in. Make sure you get a good seat, not at the bar or at a stool like table.


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