Colette Grand Cafe


On my restaurant list, Colette Grande Cafe would probably be listed under fancy. And from my experience it sure was fancy! I went there for brunch earlier this month because it was mom’s birthday.
I thoroughly enjoyed being served fresh juices along with digging into mountains of food, piled up high, consisting of pasta salads to a huge assortment of desserts.  There is also an omelette station, where you can customize your omelette and it will be served to your table when ready.


I filled my first plate with a bit of everything: mango salad, crab salad, smoked salmon (my favourite from the whole buffet), shrimp cocktail, french toast, pancake & pasta salad (starting from 12 o’clock and  going clockwise). The salads were good (though I didn’t fancy the crab flavours), the pancake and toast were light and fluffy and the smoked salmon was to die for!



The cafe was serving wellington, salmon wellington to be exact. I’m 99.9% sure that I never had wellington. To my surprise, the salmon was cooked perfectly (not over nor under) and the thin pastry wrapped the salmon snug tight.


On one side of the restaurant, there was an assortment of items you would usually order for brunch: belgian waffles, fried chicken, pancakes, sausage, bacon and french toast.


On the bar side, there were other items, such as salads, seafood (the brunch is famous for seafood), cheeses, quiches, fruits and desserts.







I especially loved the fruit tart because it reminded me of the fruit flan I made during baking school.


Colette Grande Cafe serves Sunday brunch for $54 per person. I would recommend trying this, if you fancy a nice change in brunch. It was a pleasant experience. I would definitely take my good friend here for her birthday.

Click here to visit Colette’s website.
Pictures via iPhone 6.


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