Baking Arts at George Brown College – Class 11 & 12

I can’t believe four months of baking school has came to an end. We were a very close knit class of 12 students and Chef Wong knew us individually. These two classes were very different, as I felt like Class 11 (fruit flans) was my favorite from all the items that we made.

Class 11: Sweet Paste, Vanilla Pastry Cream & Fruit Flans.

I’ve watched cooking/ baking shows for over 10 years and I never tried blind baking. Making fruit tarts may seem hard, due to the process of watching the tart pastry, so it doesn’t burn, etc. But I had a blast making (and eating) two fruit tarts.


I could honestly eat the tart on it’s own. I love flaky pastry!



When it came to the decorating part, I thought I’d be horrible, as I’m not the most artistic person. But I’ve seen enough tarts in the cafes and grocery stores and copied the idea of layering my fruits.

Lasty, we put a sweet glaze on it to finish it off, so it’s super shiny when in placed in boxes.


Class 12: Tempering Chocolate 

This was my least favourite class. I guess Chef Wong (and the other instructors) wanted to end the course off on an easy note. We learned how to temper chocolate (what temperature to use it at) and created chocolate dipped strawberries and other chocolate goodies (like you would find at Godiva).


Other students have signed up for more George Brown classes and other’s elsewhere. As for me, I’m busy later on this year and will not have time to lug my baking equipment all the way downtown during Winter. I really enjoyed my time as a baker and hopefully I’ll get another opportunity to do so.
Click here to read my first entry of baking school.

Photos via iPhone 6.


2 thoughts on “Baking Arts at George Brown College – Class 11 & 12

  1. Thanks for posting! I’m taking culinary arts I now, and thinking of taking baking arts down the road. I’m with you re: lugging equipment in the subway. What did you have to bring, aside from a rolling pin and measuring utensils?

    • It really depends on what the course / instructor requires you to bring. I had to bring my chef uniform, safety shoes, and all the equipment required for that class, wooden spoon, spatulas, digital scale, …basically everything needed for baking.

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