Sunripe – Sarnia

I’m currently in visiting my relatives in Sarnia (that’s about a 3-hour drive from Toronto). There’s really nothing to do here; relaxing at the beach (if weather permits) or spending time with family (that’s the main purpose of visiting). The sun didn’t seem like coming out today, so my aunt took me Sunripe (a posh grocery store) (when she comes to stay with my family in Toronto, she brings this incredible salsa and chips). Everything is weighted by the pound and you’d find the best and the freshest fruits, vegetables, snacks, baked goods and dips (they make their own dips in store).
When my relatives from Sarnia come to visit my family back home, they usually bring a Sunripe basket with them, containing baked goods and snacks. They have this ridiculously tasting tomato salsa and a nacho dip. So if you ever drive by Sarnia, I recommend stopping here for a quick break. I’m sorry to say that I didn’t get a photo of the store from the outside. I’ll update you if I do.

Sunripe has another location in London Ontario. Click here to check out Sunripe’s website.


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