Sweet Potato Brownies – The Lean Machines

I might be obsessed with healthy eating. And this blog entry just proves my acquisition. I’m struggling to find harmony with desserts/ snacks that I can have while controlling the amount of butter, fats and everything that comes with a regular dessert order. I came across this recipe last month (thanks to The Lean Machines) and it was the perfect approach to kickoff this new lifestyle.


I played with a few ingredients. I substituted apple sauce (some can have a lot of sugar) for a whole grated raw apple.


Apart from that, everything was chucked into the processor and blended into a smooth paste.



I forgot to incorporate the walnuts (optional) so my mom (she was helping me) sprinkled some on top.


The original recipe calls for a bake time of 30 minutes at 325°, but I baked it for a total of 45 minutes at the same temperature.

Why this recipe works
– Sweet potato and avocado in a brownie? Got a sweet tooth but watching your food intake? This is a perfect opportunity to combine these reasons and make this awesome tasting treat without guilt!
– The ingredients are simple to get a hold of. Spelt flour may be harder to find (try the bulk food store) but substitute spelt flour for another kind of flour (whatever you can get a hold of).
– This recipe is perfect for beginner bakers; measuring ingredients, mixing and placing it into an oven should be pretty easy.

*Note: The original recipe and the video’s recipe is slightly different. I followed the video’s recipe.

Check out The Lean Machine’s website here.


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