Thai Green Curry – Recipe From Haste’s Kitchen

It’s going to turn out all wrong, that’s me every time I attempt to try a new recipe. Call me pessimistic, but I’ve tried a bunch of recipe that didn’t turn out the way it looked in the cookbook or just awful in general. This summer (it may not be officially summer, but I’ve got four months off before college starts again), I want to attempt as many recipes and new foods as I can (goal: 2-3 dishes per week).
And you know some recipes are safe to try because you’ve made something by the same author from previous recipe before; and it turned out right. I see it as sticking to the same clothes…no matter how many clothes you own, you (or I) always tend to stick to the same tees, jeans and sweaters (or whatever your daily outfit consists of). That’s how I feel about Haste’s Kitchen aka Ian. Enough with the chit-chat and onward with the important stuff.

This thai green curry paste and curry is super simple to make; great for a weekday meal. I would say that most of the ingredients are really easy to get at the local supermarket (I live in a city, so there’s more grocery store options to choose from. Kaffir (lime) leaves and lemon grass might be more difficult to find.


Gather all the ingredients and just blend it in the food processor or blender and blitz until everything is blended together and you end up with a smooth like paste texture.


You get something like this. Before you make any judgement, taste it. It’s lime-y and then there’s a kick of spice from the hot peppers.


The original recipe makes more curry paste for one. Since I was making dinner for my family, I had to multiply everything by four. I don’t think that there’s a correct portion for vegetables and chicken for this dish. I had two chicken thighs, half a chicken breast, about 10 button mushrooms and three full handfulls of snow peas.


Stir fry the chicken, add the paste (I put all of the paste in) and cook it for a few minutes. Then I only added one can of coconut milk (about 350ml). Let it boil for 7-10 minutes. Add the vegetables and cook till al dente.



This curry goes well with a big bowl of rice or noodles. Naan works perfeclyt too.

Why this recipe works:
– The curry paste could be made on the weekend if you have a busy work/ school week ahead. Just open a can of coconut milk and use any veggies you have in the fridge (ie. frozen peas, kale, carrots, eggplants, broccoli). You’ll have dinner in less than 30 minutes.
– I would consider this a beginner’s dish. There’s hardly any chopping skill involved (aside from cutting the vegetables and meat).
– Adjust the flavours; play with the spiciness of the peppers to the amount of lime/ lemon juice…you’ll have different results every time.
– This recipe is perfect for a party dish or potluck event. Easy to put together and just reheat before serving.

Get Haste’s Kitchen’s recipes here: Thai Green Curry Paste & Super Simple Thai Green Curry Chicken. All the details, cooking methods and ingredients are in the videos. Click here for his website.


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