Baking Arts at George Brown College – Class 9


If you haven’t been reading  about my baking classes, well, I’m letting you know that I have been taking introductory baking classes at George Brown since May. You can read Part 1 and Part 2 here. I just had to dedicate a separate post to how I make Black Forrest cake (due to the excessive photos).

Week 9: Devil’s Food Cake & Black Forrest Cake 

Thank goodness the air conditioning wasn’t  broken that Sunday (the a/c is usually broken and it gets really hot in the baking labs). But I had so much fun and learned so much.
We first made the base for the black forrest cake, which I didn’t know is called devil’s food cake.



My baking partner offered to shave the chocolate. Chef Wong had brought chocolate sprinkles for us to coat the side of the cake, but everyone wanted the cake to look bakery like.  She ended up shaving more than we actually needed!



We prepped the whipped cream and other ingredients needed to assemble the cake. 


One thing I love about being in a professional kitchen is having all the equipment. We didn’t have time to cool the devil cake completely, so we put it in a blast freezer. A tip I learned when removing the cake from the cake pan, sprinkle sugar in your working surface so when you flip your cake out, it won’t stick to the surface. 


Can we just take a moment and appreciate the beauty of the cake. It look’s store bought, like the grocery kinds (no means of insulting). But everything from the final cake coat, to the rosettes and to the right amount of chocolate shavings on cake’s side.


My partner helped me slice my cake into three disks. Time to assemble!



This was my first time making a layered cake. I was pretty impressed, though I failed horribly.


As I said that my partner make more shavings then we needed, so I over decorated the cake. Oopsie!


Up to this class, I would say that it was the hardest for me. I have next to zero patience when it comes to crumb coating. I know I need to improve my patience skills, but also, slicing the cake into three is also hard. My knife skills aren’t the greatest either. But I loved pipping rosettes (I had a few practices), so I’m average at that.

There are only four more classes to go. I’ll miss going to baking school but definitely not carrying my equipment on the subway.

Photos via iPhone 6.


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