Backyard Gardening, Part 1 (2015 edition)


My family has been growing vegetables in our tiny backyard garden for as long as I can remember. But the soil and the garden structure wasn’t the greatest to produce many vegetables for the five of us (when my grandma was still around). After she passed away, my brother and mom took on the role of seeding, planting and maintain the overall garden.

Whether it be tomatoes, beets, cucumbers or cauliflower, my brother has a systematic way of preparing the seeds prior to planting the tiny sprout in the soil.






Not all seeds are successful in this process, so the more the merrier! Read the seed can never go wrong with that. He takes the individual seeds and places a pinchful of them on a paper towel. After a few sprits of water (he got a spraying bottle from the dollar store), he folds the towel to make a tight like pocket for the seeds. Spray the seeds daily, making sure the towel is damp. The seeds will start to root out.






We’ve accumulated a lot of yogurt cups and small plastic containers, from collecting them at the beginning of this year. When the seeds are preped and ready, they are transferred into these containers (it’s an imitation of plastic black containers that you get at the nursery/ garden shops. A ‘x’ is slit at the bottom of each cup for drainage, mixing perlite and potting soil together. From the still damp paper towel with seeds, he cuts a square shape around the seed (cutting the paper towel) and places the cut towel in the middle of the cup when filling it with soil. FYI, I gave my fair share and contributed. Where do you think he got all those empty yogurt cups from? ;D



Aren’t the sprouts so cute?


I think this was the results after two weeks!


Results after a month! They’re growing insanely fast!

I will absolutely post updates on the garden process and the vegetables that we’re growing. : )


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