Little India Restaurant


Ever since my brother has been having take out from Liitle India when he’s staying late at work, we’ve always wanted to dine here. He always gets Lamb Vindloo and it’s VERY SPICY! We decided to play it safe as we were going to a basketball game later that night and didn’t want any upset stomach aches.

This was an appetizer that came but it wasn’t on the menu. I’m not sure what this is, but I’ve had it before at other Indian restaurants. It’s a thin salty crisp with a side of pickled carrots.


If I’d known my brother didn’t want to share this with me, I wouldn’t have ordered this appetizer: Vegetable Parkora. It’s 90% potatoes with onions deep fried.


The restaurant was very dark and we didn’t have any other choice but to use lights from our smartphones to get better food photos. We ordered too much food (if you haven’t already guessed!).


Dennis ordered himself a Lamb Rogan Josh (I have no idea how this name came to be).


I decided to go ALL OUT.. I figured that I wouldn’t be back anytime soon. I had the Meat Combo for One, which had tandoori chicken (picture 1 below), a side of green beans (very soft and well done beans) (picture 2 below), 1/4 chicken, lamb, shrimp with this sauasage like meat and onions cooked on a hot plate (picture 3 below),  rice (picture 4 below), and a serving of naan. Mine was $20, so I thought it was a good deal, considering I couldn’t finish it. I think it would be a good dinner for 2 (there’s too much food for one person).


Click here to go to the restaurant’s website.
*FYI 1: they have two restaurants (it’s the same) right beside each other.
**FYI 2: the restaurant smells of spices when you first walk in, so beware!
*** They have a buffet at lunch, so that might be a good idea, if you’re not sure what dishes you want to try first.


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