Rock Lobster

A cousins’ date was in order once I knew I had a week off from college. I messaged A and we decided that she would take me to try a new restaurant (but she’s been here before).


Early enough even though we were stuff in traffic, we made our way west. Thankfully, the house wasn’t full and still had several tables.


Everyone’s bound to order one of these bad boys. It was sorta the reason I wanted to go here. And being the daring person I am (am i?), I went ahead and ordered myself a Rock Lobster Caesar (don’t worry, A got one as well). Beauty on the presentation; 10/10! And spicy, that’s how I like my Caesars.


Only A and I would be the type of people that would order an oyster each. Silly us, but I told her that I wasn’t the ‘oyster’ type and was willing to try again (after my first taste; maybe five years ago?). We had our cheers and slurped it. It surprisingly wasn’t as bad as I remembered. Then again, I have a weak stomache for raw food.


Our orders were finally here! It didn’t take long for our food to come, which I liked.
This was a fish burger (I can’t remember the exact name). But I really liked the tartar sauce.


Lobster Poutine. I think I’ve had my servings of salt for the next two weeks!


A suggested we order the Lobster Roll. It was good, though I wished there was more bread. : (


So stuffed, the both of us. The night was full of traveling stories and bonding. Oh yea, did I mention that we got a glass of free beer. And got to keep the cup? Thanks to Woodhouse Brewing. Please give them a visit, the bear is light and I think I’m going to look for some next time I’m at the store.

Check out Rock Lobster’s website here.

High Tea (Part 2)

If you haven’t read Part 1 of this High Tea blog post series, click here to read.

Everyone had their own tea pot. My mom had the odd one out there as the rest of us had plain white pots.



With my brother having dietary restrictions, the kitchen kindly served him dairy and egg free three tier tower full of food (three photos below).




All I know from what he asked our waiter is that the sandwiches had tofu spread instead of mayonnaise and scone (that was dense and really plain). I did not try the chocolate desserts but my family said that it was really chocolatey. And obviously my brother didn’t try it; he doesn’t like the chocolate stickiness.





I hope you enjoyed this two-part high tea blog series. : )

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High Tea (Part 1)

For Canada Day, the family decided to do it British style have go for high tea. I have never been and have always imagined it as a fancy tea party, with everyone dressed up in big puffy dresses or neat black and white suits. All dolled up, I suppose. But it was not what I had thought it would be.


The hotel wasn’t big, in my opinion. We were greeted at the door by a nice doorman. He opened the door for us and kept it open as I was taking this photo (above).


We had waited less than a minute and our table was ready. We were the first group to arrive; after we sat down and ordered our teas, tables were being filled. We sat in the Purple Room (apparently, there are different names for the different rooms for High Tea).

The menu: there are probably four pages of teas, from different countries and all. A very descriptive of what each tea consists of and the flavours it can have. Also, the menu has the different high tea foods because the hotel offers different high teas, depending on the time you decide to go. Click here for more information.


I had written down the teas that we tried that day.
21. Kukicha, 24. Early Grey with Roses, 26. Apricot & Apple Fruit, 29. Lemon Verbena, 31. Once Upon A Tea
I ordered Once Upon A Tea and it wasn’t the greatest. It has many different flavours. I thought I would be adventurous and try something new. From the five teas listed above, I think 24 and 21 are best; I’ve had both (outside from this high tea experience) and I would consider these teas a safe choice.



We had three condiments (clockwise starting with the white sauce): some cheese spread, fruit spread and strawberry spread (I think?).




My favourites were the salmon sandwich rolls, the dessert with the raspberries and the one right to it (it’s chocolate!).

I cannot tell you what each dish (from the three photos above) consist of. The waiter was really fast in explaining like he was reading a script. Anyways, it’s really self explanatory if you look closely at the pictures above.

If you already checked the hotel’s website on high tea, you might have read their section on Twilight Tea and Fancy Hats/ Afternoon Tea. During their Twilight Tea hours, you can donate to wear fancy hats while having tea (picture below).

Stay tuned as Part 2 will be posted in the new couple of days!

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