Santouka Ramen – Toronto

I love when Spring comes around. To me, that means family day Sunday. As a bonus, because of the beautiful weather we’ve been having, we got to go downtown! I can’t remember the last time we went as a family. But I sure had a productive and good day!

For lunch, we stopped by my mom’s favourite restaurant (I’m pretty sure she 100% likes this place) – Santouka. I must admit, the ramen is quite the noodle.

Photo 2016-04-24, 11 56 21 AM

We all ordered different ramen bowls, I can’t remember what I last last time I was here.

Dad had Miso Ramen – blend of akamiso (red miso) with the tonkotsu broth.

Photo 2016-04-24, 11 53 50 AM

I opted for something spicy – Spicy Miso Ramen (three kinds of chili peppers with miso). Oddly, there was a kick of spice, but not over powering the rest of the dish.

Photo 2016-04-24, 11 53 42 AM

Mom had Shio Ramen. Apparently this is the speciality ramen because of the white tonkotsu broth.

Photo 2016-04-24, 11 53 53 AM

Dennis ordered the Tokusen Toroniku Ramen – restaurant’s original dish. The ramen comes with a side of pork cheeks.

Photo 2016-04-24, 11 53 08 AM

We all found the broth and noodles a bit too salty for our taste. You might want to ask the waiter/ waitress to have a light hand when making your order.
This tiny restaurant fits about 30 people (on average). You can sit at a table or at the bar. Every time I’ve been here, it’s packed with a long line up. But we were lucky today. We arrived just in time as we got the last empty table. After minutes of sitting, people began filing for the line.

Photo 2016-04-24, 11 56 31 AM

Check out my first post about Santouka here. Visit Santouka website here.
Photos are via  iPhone 6.

Ramen at Niwatei


I’ve been to Niwatei twice, including today. And the restaurant moved to a ‘new’ location. It’s a nice near by ramen restaurant, saves the travel time if you’re craving ramen but don’t want to travel all the way downtown for lunch.


Things have definietly changed since my last visit. They have more items on the menu and a bigger seating area.


I can’t read Japanese, but I think it’s a St.Patrick’s Day dessert special. Thankfully, we had 5 people for lunch and all 5 of us ordered different mains.


Mom and A ordered this as their side: Japanese curry.


Miso Ramen. It’s a light salty ramen, for days when you don’t feel like going all out with your taste buds.


Tonkotsu Ramen: this is the soup base that every ramen place is known for. It’s milky soup base contains hours of pork bone stock being simmered.


Shio Ramen: fish stock with noodles.


Chashu Ramen: it’s a bit different from the tonkotsu ramen..the meat here is barbequed pork.


Mom’s and A’s dessert, green tea with mochi.


D’s dessert: mitsumame.

Everything here can be found on Niwatei’s website (under products). They have expanded their menu as they now serve deluxe and have combos. If you’re not in the mood for ramen, they also serve udon. And it’s definitely reasonable pricing for a combo (main, side and dessert) or if you decide to order the deluxe.