Grilled Pizza Anyone?

Dennis was in charge of making Sunday dinner. He decided on pizza. He did his research and used this dough recipe. The dough was made 24 hours ahead.

And after rising, rolling and 24 hours later, he separated the dough into three large balls.


We, together, rolled each of the balls flat, flouring the tops and bottoms (to prevent it from sticking) on our pizza peel.



Because the weather was nice enough to have the barbeque on, we grilled our pizzas.


The first one was brunt, on the bottom mostly.



Note: for herb lovers, use fresh basil on your pizza. It taste amazing and out of this world.
This is probably the best dough that I’ve had, home made style of course.

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Lunch at La Vecchia

On Tuesday, I had lunch my friend, May, who I met at a volunteering event around this time last year. Since we are both done school (for the summer), we decided to have lunch..and just have a catch up session. We don’t see each other often through the year, as we have both been busy with school and life, in general.

May suggested that we have lunch at La Vecchia, an Italian restaurant by Yonge and Eglinton (she read reviews about this restaurant). We each ordered a main and shared a pizza.

This is the Pizza Vegertariana ($9); a pizza loaded with grilled vegetables. It was perfect for lunch on a sunny day.


The pizza came with a side salad. We also shared this.


I ordered Linguini Mare ($12). Pasta with seafood in a tomato sauce. Also perfect for a summer’s lunch.


May had Risotto Porcini (I believe) ($12). She let me try her risotto as I never ate it before. All I know is that it’s really hard to cook the perfect risotto. And I liked it. :]

I wish that the restaurant seating was more spacious. We were sat on the patio and there was really limited room to move around. The service was average, as I’m used to being treated not like an adult (which I am)..I didn’t expect much. We also had bread served before our food came, it was cold though and wrapped in a towel (I suppose to keep the bread warm)? Nevertheless, it was a new food experience.

Hunter’s Pizza

This past week, my dad came home and his co-worker told him about this restaurant called ‘Hunter’s Pizza’ (located on the corner of Birchmount and Huntingwoord in Scarborough). I heard about this restaurant when I was in elementary school (now I’m in university . My classmate and grade 7 teacher were always talking about it (from what I recall). So, this past saturday, my dad and I went to try it out. We ordered the special, which is ‘Hunter’s Deluxe.’ The toppings consisted of tomato sauce, cheese  pepperoni, olives, mushrooms, bacon, onions, green pepers and sliced tomatoes.

It was our first time, so the price didn’t quite matter and we are most likely not going to order the deluxe because it was quite expensive. we ordered a large that was $22.25. The total came to about $25.00 for a 17-inch pizza. The wait was around 10 minutes because there was no customers in the restaurant at that time. The lady, I’m assuming I spoke to the owner’s wife, told my dad and I that it gets busy on Saturday nights and there are a lot of Chinese people that get take out. The restaurant serves lamb souvlaki and she said that is it a popular dish among Chinese people that order take out. The restaurant also serves a variety of pizza and greek cuisine .



The pizza had about 10 to 12 slices. It’s different from Pizza Pizza and Pizza Hut because the bottom layer of the dough (what the toppings are put on) is very thin, and therefore is crispy. The crust is soft and not hard to chew on (like other un-named pizzas that I had before).

Verdict: My dad definitely wants to go back to try other items on the menu it’s very rare that he says such a thing).