Caffe Concerto

The day we went to Harrods, we took a lunch break and went to Caffe Concerto across the street. We all were pretty tried, even though it was only 12:30pm-ish; our day had barely started.


This cafe chain is all around London, or at least I saw many Caffe Concertos when I was strolling along the London streets. My parents always were attracted to the cakes and pastries they have by the window.


As you might have already guessed, we were all starving. Lunch, when we were in London, was our first full main meal of the day. We usually got up around 10am and would be at our destination by 11am. We had a table full of food that included lamb shank, chicken caesar salad, smoked salmon with chips, grilled pesto with chips and a side order of soup.


We almost didn’t have enough room on our table to squeeze all the dishes together. And yes, my eyes were larger than my stomache. I could barely finish my soup and salad. I wasn’t expecting the dishes to be that big, especially not the soup.

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Jamie’s Italian

When I found out that after 22 years of living, it was time to check off going to London from my bucket list. And growing up watching Jamie Oliver on the Food Network channel, has always left me wanting to dine at one of his many restaurants.


It was busy for a Monday night at Jamie’s Italian. Having made no reservations, we waited around 20 minutes for a table (not bad). We headed downstairs where there were more tables and it was definitely a full house that night.



For starters, we shared an order of Crispy Squid. To be honest, I was disappointed in the size of the starter. Maybe because I’m used to the larger portions served in North America. But nevertheless, it was very delicious and crunchy.


D ordered two of Jamie’s Ultimate Sharing Plank (for four of us to share). Ir basically had everything; olives, sliced meats, salsa etc. Writing this blog post makes my mouth water as I can re-taste the flavours from that night. What I loved most about the menu is that there are two different sizes of pastas you can order. Let’s say that your table ordered many starters, you could order the smaller pasta dish, cause you’ll probably be full from eating those appetizers.


I was feeling spontaneous in ordering something that I wouldn’t be able to get elsewhere, so I ordered myself a small bowl of squid and mussel spaghetti. My first impressions? I couldn’t tell if the spaghetti was cooked cause the noodles were more than chewy. I’m guessing it’s the squid ink? It was salty and that was understandable since it was a seafood pasta dish.


D had a rabbit ragu (again, something that you wouldn’t find at just restaurant). I think he was unimpressed (he’s not here at the moment, so I can’t ask his opinion of the dish). There wasn’t anything that he found special.


Dad got a turkey milanese.  I don’t remember trying a piece but I’m sure he gave me a bite of it.


Mom had a small prawn linguine. I preferred her pasta over mine. Her choice was safe.

We were all full after we ate our mains. Dad didn’t finish his, as it was a bigger portion then the rest of us.  I’m still willing and for sure WANTING to try Jamie’s other restaurants. Finally I can say that I’ve been there!

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London Chinatown


Hello London Chinatown. This Monday morning trip was like coming home; a land of familiarity with barbeque meats, fried rice and soup noodles. Very different from home, restaurants don’t open till 12pm, even on weekdays. I would rename this neighbourhood, maybe to East Asia Town, since there’s a mix of Chinese, Korean and Japanese restaurants.




Chatime. My favourite bubbletea (at the moment). I was surprised but yet excited. I actually mapped out another Chatime location to go to, if we had the time. Yes, it does taste different, compared to the one near home. But I got my Chatime fix; I was a happy camper.






Dad must have been really satisfied with meal. Time zones away and the taste of home, nothing could be better.

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