Strawberry Buttermilk Ice Cream

I went strawberry picking about a month ago ( blog post here) and it was the perfect opportunity to make some home made ice cream. Using my birthday presents from last year, my Cuisinart ice cream machine and my Jeni’s cookbook, I stirred up a batch of ice cream.

I got all the ingredients needed, even corn syrup (I usually use honey).



I brunt the milk in the process. Make sure to use a thick based pot when boiling milk.



From my parent’s, they said that was very strawberry flavoured. Which is a good thing, but adding some strawberry or chocolate sauce would be better. And I just had a taste for myself, it IS very strawberry like flavour, not the fake strawberry flavour though. It would be better with some bits of real strawberry.

But somehow the ice cream turns really hard after it’s frozen. It doesn’t have the soft texture like when you order ice cream in a cone. Does anyone know why?

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Sunday Lunch–Pizza



Sometimes, cooking at home can help clean out the fridge of old food and also create a not so healthy lunch. And it’s a bonus when it’s snowing outside and no one feels like going out for lunch.




Dennis made pizza from the dough I bought Friday, and the red bell pepper that I asked asked my mom to buy like weeks ago. It was delicious, not complaining but home made pizza is affordable and quite easy to make. I always like cooking at home, besides the affordability, but sometimes it’s healthier, definitely not today’s pizza though. HAHA!