McDonald’s Olympic Fan Pack

I just love it when fast food restaurants have specials on their menu because fast food isn’t cheap! And as many people know, it WAS the olympics and of course being MCDonald’s, they HAD to HAVE a special to attract customers (including me).



This olympic year, it was called McDonald’s Fan Pack. 2 weeks of this special, why didn’t I get my hands on this earlier. A and I got this on the second Friday of the Olympics to watch the men’s hockey game: Canada VS USA.




Inside: 2 medium fries, 2 packs of ten chicken nuggets, 2 cookies and 2 pins. It’s a collectable item, those pins. And this came with 2 drinks. 

Aside from all the negativity; unhealthy-ness and the waste it creates..I was happy to have my McDonald’s fix. It’s not like I constantly eat from McDonald’s. It was definietly nice to have my cousin over and share a meal with her. : )