Thanksgiving Dinner, Part 1

I can’t believe it’s October already. I have been settled in college for over a month already but time doesn’t seem to be flying by. My family comes from a Chinese background and having immigrated in Canada for over 40 years, we have accepted the Western culture, well enough. I mean, compared to my friends that have also immigrated to Canada, my family and extended family have celebrated every known Western holiday that I can think of and as far back as I can remember.

With that being said, my family hosted this year’s thanksgiving (only part 1). The reason I call it part one is because I know that my aunt is also hosting thanksgiving dinner at her house in about two weeks’ time (so, I’ll call that part two). My family had my aunt (from my mom’s side) and her family along with Amanda’s family for dinner. This was the first official home cooked meal that her family and my family had together, minus her sister being absent.

I’m kind of sad that I didn’t snap pictures of the majority of the food we ate that night. We had mash potatoes, baked squash, broccoli casserole medley, garlic bread, roast and TONS of desserts.


This was just half of the desserts we had that night; apple pie, pumpkin pie, tea jelly, chocolate cake. Everyone was so full that we couldn’t even finish half of mains/ sides, nevermind the desserts.

Big thanks to MC for being the photographer that night. : )