Easter Dinner- Part 2

I’m sorry that this post is going up so late. I just was caught up in things here and there. But I finally pushed myself to write, and for the bloggers out there, it isn’t easy.


I guess my dad wanted to stick with the dinner theme (Easter, if you haven’t noticed) and kind of (I guess) decorate the house. The big (Kinder Surprise) Easter egg was for Juliette (my cousin’s daughter). We spoil her (a lot), as you can see. I don’t remember my dad giving me that big of an egg, although he claims that he has, just when I was younger.


If you have been reading some of my latest post, I said that flowers are one thing that adds something more to family dinners. Fresh flowers can be expensive, but it can never hurt to have them around once in a while.


I guess my family’s not really into appetizers for guest entertaining. Or we always serve the same snacks. Starting with the bottom left and going clockwise: wasabi peas (almost available in most grocery stores or bulk food stores), chocolate wafers, dried cranberries and dried ginger (from Trader Joe’s).


My own twist on Martha Steward’s Peas with Spinach and Bacon in Lettuce Cups. Obviously, I decided not to have lettuce wraps and substituted the spinach with broccoli heads.


Martha Steward’s Muffin-Pan Potatoes Gratins. Click here to see my post of this recipe.


Another twist on Martha Steward’s Wild and Brown Rice Salad. Aside from using basmati rice (instead of brown), I basically followed the recipe (I usually don’t!).


Dennis recreated my aunt’s stuffing. I honestly don’t know what’s in there.


Coleslaw from the show, The Main (Food Network Canada). I’ve tried so many coleslaw recipes and this seems to satisfy my dad’s taste.


Click here to read how I made these dough bread buns.


Dennis also made dessert (although he can’t have it). Split pea pudding with coconut. It’s really simple to make but it contains a lot of corn flour. Maybe not the greatest choice in dessert. My dad is always complaining to my mom about not making this for him.


These are called Chocolate Chip Clouds (by Skinny Taste). It’s basically egg whites (like a meringue) but stickier when bit into and filled with chocolate chips.Surprisingly, I kinda fancy them (British term for ‘like’) cause I love chewy food.

IMG_7173 My other cousin chose to make brownies. Everyone was asking her for the recipe but she just bought a box of mix to make the brownies. Either way, delicious.

There was more food than I have documented here. I forgot to take photos of them, because I was just too busy that day.

*The recipes used above does no belong to me and have been used for leisure purposes.

Easter Dinner- Part 1

There are many holidays that my family and I use as an excuse to get together (with food) and eat! With Easter being no exception. And although my family and I are not religious, I think it’s safe to assume that most families would use any holiday to bring their families together; to eat, to relax and just enjoy each other’s company.

For my family, some of us live a 2-minute walk from each other, but that doesn’t mean we see each other often. As I grew older, from high school to post secondary, I’ve noticed that I tend to cherish these family events (and I know my cousins would agree).

And with that being said, let me take you through my first Easter dinner of the year, hosted at my aunt’s (and cousins and uncle’s, HAHA!).


I, just a bit, envy this family’s ways. They always know how to host, whether it be a dinner or whatever. Almost every time I go over, they have flowers on the table (fake, dried, or real). I think this is the first key to being hosts and or hostesses.


Number two: they always have an assortment of snacks and foods ready when their guests arrive. Well, the napoleon cake, egg tarts and cookies were brought over (by my other aunt and my family).


Popcorn makes another great snack when having guests over (I asked and the popcorn was leftovers from a trip to the movie theatres but I won’t tell anyone else). There was also salsa, guacamole and chips!

There was plenty to eat, as everyone was basically carrying their stomache around the house after dinner.


Made: Portuguese salad was first.


Bought: coconut shrimp.


Bought: McCain superfries.


Made: Ontario vs Australian lamb. Difference? I think the Australian lamb melts in your mouth and the Ontario lamb is more chewy.


Bought: baguettes, although it’s just bread, spreading room temperature butter on it, or dipping it in olive oil makes a whole lot of difference.


Made: boiled kale.


Dinner for 11 people. Food was greatly appreciated, as we forgot the spiced rice that my family cooked and there was also boiled asparagus.


Dessert in this family is a must. Almost everyone brings something for dessert. Like this chocolate cake.


The host family bought this red velvet cake (from Freshco).


The night ended with moving away from the dinner table to the living room, talking hours and hours with my cousins that I don’t see very often, about the most randomest things in life. And a slice of cake with ice cream of course.

P.S. To my cousin that loves reading my food posts (you know who you are), I’m very happy that you enjoy it. I tried to have this up as soon as possible (just for you. : ) ]

Thanksgiving Dinner, part deux

Because I was traveling during the Canadian Thanksgiving of this year, my aunt postponed the annual thanksgiving dinner to the week after my family and I got back from our travels.  And as I knew, there would be piles of food, from two turkeys and ham, to asparagus and two different mashed potatoes, Kristen’s famous bread, my dad’s shrimp cocktail and Uncle John’s smoked salmon.  There definitely was more than enough food, with Amanda, Bosco and Jeff joining this year’s dinner.
IMG_4458Amanda’s fruit turkey.

The dinner table.


Homemade cranberry sauce.
IMG_4465Charlotte’s stuffed peppers.

Three kinds mashed potatoes.’

The best ever mash I have ever had.

Thanksgiving ham.

Kristen’s famous bread.

The asparagus.

I just like the feel and warm of candles. It adds so much more comfort to the dinner table.

The turkey.


I loved the setting of the desserts and the colours of the flowers. Thanksgiving themed.

And we almost didn’t have room in our bellies for dessert!


I’m thankful for having family to celebrate these kinds of holidays and the food that we are lucky enough to have. Happy late Thanksgiving!