More BBQ

Warning: The future blog posts during the Summer month’s will be filled with barbeque pictures and more restaurant hits or miss.


Nothing is better than taking advantage of the Summer weather and grilling a steak for dinner. Just season the steak with salt when cooking it. With that being said, we had steamed broccoli and grilled squash.

Sometimes, simple is best. And everyone enjoys it (almost).

P.S. If you haven’t tried horseradish with steak, I suggest you do. The vinegary condiment adds that much more taste.

E N J O Y ! : )

Daisho at Momofuku

A few weeks ago, I had made reservations at Momofuku for mother’s day dinner. The restaurant was advertising a prix fixe menu only available on mother’s day for dinner. And I had been wanting to try out any restaurant at Momofuku ever since it became a fad.


Oh dear, I look terrible. I promise I don’t usually look like this. And I haven’t a clue what my mom’s doing. : S


My dad and brother, sat opposite of us.


My mom ordered this..and it tasted amazing. I’m not into heavy and dark beers..this was perfect; light and sweet. I definitely  need to find this at the local beer store.


The restaurant is located on the third floor, and has a glass window view to look down at the street. Hence the amount of sunlight entering the restaurant.


The bread and scones were amazing. A tad of salt on top of the scones helped marry the flavours together, served with hot sauce and honey butter (I believe).


This is one of the two appetizers on the menu: Spring Radish Salad.


This is the second choice in appetizers: Sugar Snap Peas.


One of two choices for mains: Roasted Cornish Hen.


Two of two choices for mains: Kolapore Springs trout.


This side came with the cornish hen: Potato cake.

The chefs were understanding and they served my brother (with allergies to dairy, egg and stuff) an alternate menu.


First was smashed potatoes. If you take a good look at the potatoes, they seemed like they had been cooked with cream or milk. What happened to knowing about the dairy allergy?


Second was a side of broccoli with a boiled egg. The greens were cooked in a teriyaki like sauce. 


Third was the dairy free main course: rice cakes cooked a miso sauce.

We were served two desserts; one from the regular menu and the other from the alternative menu.


Grapefruit sorbet.


Apple pie with ice cream.

After dinner, it was safe to say that I was very full. I have to admit that most dishes were very salty. So I drank lots of water. I’m not sure if it’s regular for these dishes to be salty..but salt was all that I could taste. I did not expect my first visit to be a disappointment (with the food). Other than that, the service was great and the waiters/ waitresses were friendly. We actually sent a plate back to the kitchen as one of the dishes was missing a shrimp (long story short).

P.S. When I entered the restaurant, it smelled like chlorine (like a swimming pool). And it was quite stuffy, so dress accordingly. I think there’s a pool located somewhere above or below the restaurant, as the restaurant’s located in a hotel.

Birthday Dinner at Home

Having dinner at home is not something everyone wants. Maybe when the birthday boy is 55, mind sets change.


My first time eating foie gras, I was scared of the new taste and flavour. This is my second time having foie gras and nothing beats it than just having foie gras on top of a small piece of toast. With some pepper of course.


Bread is always a staple when we eat Western food at home. My mom made her famous garlic bread along with small baguette toasted slices.


Staple number two. Smoked salmon with a squirt of lemon always is a favourite in the household.


So much protein and starch calls for staple three. My mom always makes a simple salad to balance the meal out. Topped with a honey mustard dressing…never goes wrong.


Frozen king crab…is something new to our household dinners. We always stock up whenever crab is on sale. No extra flavour needs to be added because the crab is already salty.


The main: rosemary lamb racks. Just cooked to medium rare..all this food was honestly too much for 5 stomaches.


Dessert: mont blanc, I usually don’t fancy chestnut cakes, but this completely changed my mind about chestnut cakes. This was really amazing from Nakamura BakeryI’m glad that my mom persuaded me to order this cake flavour. 

So having birthday dinner at home isn’t a bad idea after all.