Sunday Roasts at Hawksmoor

I’m so happy that I found this restaurant while having the title as researcher (thanks mom). I spent hours browsing through twitter, online magazines and websites before hand to London and mapped out the various Hawksmoor locations around/ in London. And I’m glad to say that I don’t regret time spent towards finding the perfect restaurant to have Sunday roast.

Ever since I’ve been obsessed with English/ British things (about two years), I’ve being dying to have Sunday roast. I was not disappointed at all. Nevermind walking into the restaurant with causal clothes on and a backpack on my shoulders, I was greeted with politeness.


There’s a funny story that I should probably include it in this post. We were seated to our table. I quickly glanced at the drink menu and saw that the champagne was only 2. I told mom and she was like ‘NO WAY!’ I was like ‘that’s super cheap!’ Without reading more, I quickly ordered one along with the restaurant’s Sunday special. Later mom told me that the champagne was on page 2 and not £2. Everyone had a good laugh at me. : (


For starters, we ordered fried oysters and seasonal pickles. First time at this restaurant, I thought we would get a couple of oysters…turned out that one order of fried oysters had three and to add an extra oyster costed £2.50 (our waiter saw that we had four people and one order only came with three, so he recommended to add an extra).


Sunday roast. I finally can tell the whole world how good you taste. I swear to all Sunday roasts, it tastes like home. For my family, we usually have roast beef on the special occasions; Christmas, birthday’s, Thanksgiving, etc. And too add, the potatoes, carrots, onions, greens were the perfect match. Yorkshire pudding. I love you so much. It’s crispy flakes when bitten into, I can taste it as I describe all the flavours of the dish.


If I get a chance to re-visit London again, I would definitely go to Hawksmoor. Maybe a different location, to experience the different atmospheres.

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Fish & Chippers.

In North America, our chips are British crisps. And British chips are North American fries. I know, it sounds wack, but once you wrap  your head around chips, crisps and fries; you’re pretty much set (only kidding!).


For our first meal/ dinner, dad wanted to have British classic fish & chips. So nearby Trafalgar Square, we had an early dinner at Fish & Chipper (we didn’t do any research to which restaurant was outstanding/ recommended for f&c). A small restaurant in a busy-touristy area, there are about 5 tables outside and maybe 10 inside (tables seating 2-3).


I learned a lot of things about London in general, while eating there. 1. Most kitchens are downstairs or in the restaurant’s basement. London has 11-12 million people in population and that’s a lot of people, considering the amount of space. 2. Washrooms, or toilets (English people prefer this term) are also located downstairs. Lack of space and other factors obviously contribute to this. But it’s really different from North America.


I was already thinking of the weeks I would be away from home. And that means, not having enough fruits and vegetables in my diet. So being the person that I am, I decided to go “healthy” and stick with a chicken caesar salad. There was too much dressing and I felt like my lettuce was drenched in sauce. Dad and D had fish with chips; cod and haddock.


Mom had calimari and she was chewing on them forever. I guess we should have stuck with plain old f&c.

I’ll be blogging about more foodie related posts about my recent visit to London and Paris. Stay tuned and happy reading! : )

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