Cinnamon Rolls (sorta, not really)

I just went through my blog posts (thank goodness for the search bar). I’ll admit that I’m really bad at baking stuff…especially things with yeast! I don’t know if it’s me or fate, but this turned out to be (kinda) disastrous. Okay, I might be exaggerating a bit…but I’m sure it wasn’t supposed to turn out like it did.


Probably not leaving enough proofing time was the issue! And maybe too much flour when rolling the dough out. The instructions say to use a 9 inch baking dish (checked). I think, when placed in the dish, the individual rolls are supposed to expand and touch the sides. Mine clearly didn’t. I was in a rush and proofed it the warmest room in the house, only for 30-ish minutes.


I need to work on my cutting, rolling and evening skills.


The verdict? I think I failed! Too much flour and rushed everything. I’m definitely going to try making this again. Perhaps a mix of whole wheat and regular flour ? Lookout for take 2, coming soon!

Find the recipe here via Amy’s Healthy Baking.