Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

Sometimes I run out of things to do when brainstorming for dates. I’m the one that usually plans the schedule. We’ve been out for breakfast/ lunch many times and  my date is somewhat hard to impress. But this time, my date chose the location and was dying to try the pancakes at Mildred’s.  Since I haven’t seen my date in about a month, and the weather was super cooperative, heck why not! I have heard many great review from my brother and cousin and they both have not taken me to Mildred’s…I know right?

I was quite surprised when I went in. There was no 1-hour wait and plenty of free tables plus patio tables. The decor was onspot with minimal decorations and quite trendy…the theme was green. There was even a Canada Day questionnaire to fill out… things about Canada and if you get the answers right, you will win a prize.

Huevos Monty

Mildred’s House Made Lemonade & Mildred’s Temple

Mrs. Biederhof’s Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes

My date !

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Canmore & Banff Food Diary

Last month, my parents and I took a week off and went to Alberta to explore the Rockies. The mountains and scenery were amazing.. and the food did not disappoint! (the place we stayed at had a kitchen and dining area, so we did not go out for dinner every night)

Puttanesca with garlic, shallots, olives, chillies, anchovies, parmesan, herbs, olive oil & tomatoes

First dinner after arriving in Camore at Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co.

French onion with a side of bone marrow

Fresh produce at the farmer’s market

More fresh produce !

Blondie’s kale smoothie to quench the thirst

Quick lunch at Town of Lake Louise

Bison short ribs

Last meal in Canmore at Murrieta’s