Photo Blog (Part 2) – Japan 2019

Street Food

Street food

Soba with dipping sauce

Dinner at the ryokan

Dinner at the ryokan

Breakfast at the ryokan

Lunch box bought at the train station

Soft serve

Ramen at Mutekiya

Dipping ramen

Eel rice served three ways

Photo Blog (Part 1) – Japan 2019

I went to Japan in April and here are my some photos

Ichiran ramen


Went to cup noodle museum and made instant noodles


Boiled eggs at 7/11

Mochi Miso

Everything tofu lunch

Street Market Seafood


Strawberry Galore

Roasted sweet potato from Don Quijote

That Time I Took Him To A Vegan Restaurant

This past Sunday, my partner and I went to watch Marvel’s End Game. The movie was 3 hours long (or something like that). By the time we were done, we went to Planta, a very popular vegan restaurant in Toronto. We actually picked a theatre that was right by the restaurant, so we could satisfy his eager to watch the movie and try this new restaurant.

We ordered cauliflower tots, the planta burger and a pizza (called The Frenchie).

I have been to Planta before and I recommended the cauliflower tots to him. It was more brown in colour this time but it still tasted like the first time I had it.

The planta burger was good. I really liked it and would order it again. And so did my partner. He is a vegetarian and ever since I have known him, he has always wanted to eat here. He put his stamp of approval too. And he has ate many vegetarian burgers in his lifetime. But I couldn’t care less about the fries.

I always tend to go for something else on the menu and I always regret my choice. We ordered The Frenchie (mushrooms, squash, cashew mozzarella, arugula). I would not order this again, as it really lacked flavour and the pizza was too soft (I was expecting a crusty pizza).

We couldn’t finish everything..I think it’s cause we ate too fast. But there was plenty to eat for just the two of us.

Click here for the restaurant’s menu. Be sure to absorb the beautiful decor too!