Ten Restaurant

I never heard of Ten before a coworker told me. I didn’t express interest in it at first, because if I did, she would tell me her experience and let me tell you..food is all she talks about at work.
So I did my own research about it and thought long and hard about if, I wanted to try it out. At first, I was hesitant about asking K. I know for a fact that he would, for sure, say no at first..mainly because of the cost. It is $115 per person for 10 courses. I know it is costly and not everyone has the money for it, so I didn’t push much on the subject. But I came up with a proposal to ask him if he would be slightly interested and told him he could think about it. He has never had a tasting menu before and I wanted to share this experience with him. And it is very rare to find a restaurant that does vegetable forward tasting menus.

We had the ten course tasting menu and K felt extra special, so he also had the tasting wine (as a treat).

The first course, salad with sunflower honey. The honey under the salad leaves were as thick as a stack of coins. There is a lot of vegetables under the leaves and I ate it within three bites. The green sauce on the side was my favourite from this dish.

Ricotta dumplings with cauliflower bits and cauliflower foam. This was my favourite dish so far. A bit sad that there were only a handful of dumplings under the cauliflower foam.

Blend of celery, carrot and other vegetables. This reminded me of a mirepoix, but with what I thought was quinoa.  It had a mix of warm spices and perfect on a old winter night, but this was one of my least favourite dish.

Sunchokes with spinach dressing. This dish was an interesting one. I never had this root vegetable before and taste similar to potato, except there is no flourly texture, which is a plus. I might pick up some sunchokes and experiment with them.

Housemade sourdough bread with carrot butter. Oh my goodness, where should I start? First, the house made bread is sliced minutes before toasting. Toasting the bread on one side, gives it a two tone texture. Then the carrot butter was so smooth and melted on the small slice of bread. I could savour the flavours and moment forever.

Beet and lettuce. The beet was pickled and glazed with a sweet beet sauce. The romaine lettuce was grilled and suited the beet well, as one was sweet and the other was a bit bitter.

Mushroom with cashew dressing.  I have mixed feelings about this. I like this mushroom (mushrooms are expensive) but it was a bit salty for me, even though there was a leafy green to balance the saltiness.

Palette cleanser: a mixture of leftover ingredients used in the other courses (it was sour from the green apple and cold)from being frozen).  I never thought that something like an flavoured ice cube could have such an effect.

Tart with apple circles. I wonder why the tart was cut in half. I know that it is a tasting menu, but perhaps, a smaller size tart could have been better. I also didn’t care about the tart as I don’t remember liking the flavours.

Corn and apple with berry sauce. Surprisingly, this was also a favourite. The berry sauce was tart enough to balance the fried corn dessert.

These are all the wines K tasted. My favourite was Monbazar 2017. It was light and refreshing, not too woody. But who am I to judge, I hardly drink white wine.
All the staff were nice and friendly but one of the staff was a bit to forward with her attititde and presence. Would have loved to see the staff interacting more at the front of the house, cause I know that they were having a blast at the back.
Overall, the food was delicious and I applaud the restaurant for trying to use every bit of a whole ingredient. For example, I saw a green apple being sliced using a mandoline. The chef was using a cookie cutter to punch holes from the slices for the tart. Then the corn fritter had bits of leftover apple in it.
I would definitely recommend this restaurant. You can see the time and thought put into each dish. Although one may not have so much to spend on one meal, you can check the socials for popup events.

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Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

Sometimes I run out of things to do when brainstorming for dates. I’m the one that usually plans the schedule. We’ve been out for breakfast/ lunch many times and  my date is somewhat hard to impress. But this time, my date chose the location and was dying to try the pancakes at Mildred’s.  Since I haven’t seen my date in about a month, and the weather was super cooperative, heck why not! I have heard many great review from my brother and cousin and they both have not taken me to Mildred’s…I know right?

I was quite surprised when I went in. There was no 1-hour wait and plenty of free tables plus patio tables. The decor was onspot with minimal decorations and quite trendy…the theme was green. There was even a Canada Day questionnaire to fill out… things about Canada and if you get the answers right, you will win a prize.

Huevos Monty

Mildred’s House Made Lemonade & Mildred’s Temple

Mrs. Biederhof’s Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes

My date !

Click here to visit Mildred’s website.

Eative Film Cafe, Kensington Market

It has been a long time and I feel like I’m in hibernation mode. I went to many new restaurants since my last blog post but I haven’t found a new sense to get back into blogging. Since then, I met a guy, and for about 10 months, I secretly told him that I have a blog but would not disclose the website to him. I told him, you know reading my blog is basically reading my diary. I don’t know what happened, but I guess I wanted him to get to know more of me, so I gave in and linked him. Now he knows of my baby (aka this blog). He is encouraging and asked why I stopped. And I told him straight up and told him I’m embarrassed and shy about it. So after some persuading, I (think) I am going to get back into it. And I am going to make him my photographer since he does have the newest iPhone (XS Max?). He says that he’s bad in taking photos but I think he’ll get the jist of it with a bit of training

For a long time, I’ve always wanted to go to random neighbourhoods in downtown Toronto to eat and explore what each neighbourhood has to offer. And although this quick 4 hour trip to Kensington Market was NOT what I had planned out, it was a good start. It was not busy when K and I arrived, which was around 11:30AM on a Saturday in March. I told him that we would have brunch and then just roam the streets until one of us was hungry for some street food or snacks.

We came across Eative Film Cafe after deciding not to wait at Our Spot. I think we made an excellent decision. I totally loved the vibe and the variety of items on the menu. I said that we were having Saturday brunch,  somehow we ended up having an okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake) and an artichoke cheese sandwich. We also ordered tea and coffee.

The menu is really cute too!

There is a white wall that projects your typical Saturday morning cartoons (it was Bugs Bunny). There is a 10% service charge (tips) that you pay when you make an order. You pay first, then you receive your meal. There is free wifi and a code to use the washroom (written on the receipt). 

I would definitely be back for the other dishes. I would classify this as a Japanese-American fusion. The only thing I dislike about Eative is that they use paper cups for drinks, even dining-in.  Though I did see mugs being used, maybe I needed to specify that I wanted our drinks to be in mugs. Then again, how was I supposed to know. 

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