Thanksgiving Turkey Treats

It’s been more than a year since I started my current job and I have been baking/ making various desserts but no one really seems to get the “idea”. Once, I made mini muffins and stuck a picture of my manager’s face on each one because it was her birthday. And someone asked me why her photo was on each muffin? Is it just a Western thing?

Well this year for a thanksgiving treat, I made these Abordable Candy Pretzel Turkey Bites via Pinterest. Hopefully, these will be more OBVIOUS-looking.  I had a lot of fun making them (on my own) but it took many tries just to get each turkey looking right.


I sent my cousin a photo when I started making these and most of the turkeys looked so bad. But she said they were bad in a cute way. I guess she’s right. Honestly, I kind of mastered the technique of putting each candy corn in as the wings and the googly eyes for the eyes and the rest is easy. The hardest part was waiting for the chocolate rolo to set. If I put in one of the three turkey wings, the caramel would be running out. Making about 50 turkeys took me more than two hours. *insert crying emoji*


My brother came over when I was my second batch and he complimented me! I was starting to get in the hang of things but working on these are more fun when someone has the same enthusiasm as you. Maybe next year, I will ask someone to make them with me so both of our co-workers will have treats to enjoy (that is, if they get the idea!).


I’ll cross my fingers and hope that all goes to plan at work tomorrow! But at the same time, I don’t want these cuties to leave the house or they’ll be gobbled up!

Special thanks to my cousin for coming with me to buy the ingredients and Erin for sharing this lovely thanksgiving treat. Click here for instructions to make these turkey bites.

Thanksgiving Dinner, part deux

Because I was traveling during the Canadian Thanksgiving of this year, my aunt postponed the annual thanksgiving dinner to the week after my family and I got back from our travels.  And as I knew, there would be piles of food, from two turkeys and ham, to asparagus and two different mashed potatoes, Kristen’s famous bread, my dad’s shrimp cocktail and Uncle John’s smoked salmon.  There definitely was more than enough food, with Amanda, Bosco and Jeff joining this year’s dinner.
IMG_4458Amanda’s fruit turkey.

The dinner table.


Homemade cranberry sauce.
IMG_4465Charlotte’s stuffed peppers.

Three kinds mashed potatoes.’

The best ever mash I have ever had.

Thanksgiving ham.

Kristen’s famous bread.

The asparagus.

I just like the feel and warm of candles. It adds so much more comfort to the dinner table.

The turkey.


I loved the setting of the desserts and the colours of the flowers. Thanksgiving themed.

And we almost didn’t have room in our bellies for dessert!


I’m thankful for having family to celebrate these kinds of holidays and the food that we are lucky enough to have. Happy late Thanksgiving!