Dinner at Du Hsiao Yueh – Taipei Part 5

To eat Taiwan’s famous “braised pork rice bowl“, we went to Du Hsiao Yueh.  The restaurant is located on Yang Kang Road, so it was really convenient to get to. We walked past the restaurant the day before, as we were aimlessly wandering the streets and decided to try it out because when we looked in through the restaurant’s glass building, there was a clay pot with layers of sauce built up on the pot’s edge. What an excellent way to attract guests!


There were six of us, so we either had the pork rice bowl or pork soup noodle. The bowls look small, but it was just enough for dinner (we hit up a dessert place afterwards).




I’m trying to figure out what this vegetable is called. And from my quick five-minutes of research, it’s called baby bird fern nest and looks something like this before cooked.  We saw it all the time, while walking up and down the street markets.



We didn’t stay long, as most people dine and left. But I would recommend it. It’s a nice trendy two floor restaurant.

Addiction Aquatic Development (Taipei Fish Market) – Taipei Part 4

It is Saturday night/ Sunday morning as I write this post. This is how I spend my weekend nights, usually high from drinking a large green milk tea with tapioca this afternoon. I must drink as much as I can since I did not have any while in Taipei…

And this is my favourite part of my trip while in Taipei. I was really looking forward to seeing the Addiction Aquatic Development (AAD; weird name eh?) but I was sadden that I didn’t (we didn’t) eat all the foods that I wanted to have (partly because my dad and his absurd thinking that you should eat ‘locally’ when abroad).
We did spend a fair amount of time and I would 100% go back next time I’m around. I love being surrounded by gourmet good (even if I can’t afford it all, I can capture and remind myself of the wonderful (and heartbreaking moments).


The place is quite large, so there’s a map that guides you through the store. Before you walk in, there is a person that gives you some hand sanitizer, for you to clean your hands. Then you are in the first zone, I like to call it. The first zone is all the fresh non-cooked foods; ranging from crab, fish, other seafoods, drinks and refrigerated items.







Next, you can take the ramp up to zone two, which is has all the cooked items, other groceries and restaurants. There were tons of sushi, sashimi, fruits and everyday pantry goods.








There are a few restaurants inside this place you could eat at. But it’s not a fine dining place, it’s a stand-up meal, meaning that there are no seats, just tables. My cousin and aunt ate there, while my family chose to buy the cooked food and some sushi to eat outside AAD.  The prices are very reasonable (if not cheaper), compared to what you can find back in Toronto.



We ended up buying two grilled fishes, one plate of sashimi and one package of sea urchin. Everything was fresh and did not taste fishy. There are plenty of tables (only tables and no chairs) for people to choose to buy food and eat there. They also provide free chopsticks, soy sauce and wasabi.


AAD does remind me of Pusateri’s (Canada), Eataly (U.S.A.) and Harrods (England).
Click here to go to AAD’s website.

Tamsui Old Street – Taipei Part 3

We did not waste any time and headed to our first destination: Tamsui Old Street. There’s a cute waterfront with lots of shops nearby. And many street markets too!











Like many street markets, there are tons of foods, groceries and many exquisite foods, like the cake below. Everyone was crowding around and many individuals got 2-3 cakes. Unfortunately, I and others were too stuffed (from enjoying all the street food) to eat any. I’m sure it’s good (cause then why would people be lining up, less it’s a fad! :O )



It’s quite a long journey if you start at the subway station and work you way down towards to waterfront. I found, by the time I reached the pier, I was somewhat tired and wasn’t in the mood for seeing the rest of what this area had to offer. But anyway, maybe it was the people I was with, that wanted to be in hurry. I would recommend sitting down by a cafe or getting a drink and enjoy the afternoon.