My First time–Starbucks Frappuccino

ALRIGHT! I’LL ADMIT I MISSED THIS YEAR’S STARBUCKS HAPPY HOUR! But that doesn’t mean that I can’t get a frappuccino right? And plus, I love the thought of going to a coffee shop and reading a book for the whole afternoon.

About two months ago, I bought the Starbucks Cold Cup. I had made a list of what drinks I want to try, when at Starbucks… 1. I consider it to be a treat, it’s pricy to have it. 2. I need to burn off the calories and fat that comes with Starbucks.


First on my to try list was the White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino. I asked for a tall (the smallest size) but after the barista finished topping the frap with whipped cream, the cup was basically filled to the top! And plus, I think when I ordered, I got 10 cents taken off (because I had brought a reusable cup?).


I was not lying when I said my drink was filled to the top!


Did I forget to mention that I had a friend with me? So not long after we got our drinks and sat down at our table, we were given samples of the Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino (I think it was). The sample looked so cute, I couldn’t bare to drink it (but I did)! It tasted very good!


This had to be taken. It reminds me of a father-son or mother-daughter picture. It’s like a Starbucks family! D’awww.


Jordan pointed this sign out to me. I just had to take a photo…it’s so cute!

There are five more fraps on my list that I want to try..maybe before this summer ends.  And I wonder what the drink menus are like at other Starbuck locations; London and Paris maybe? OH, I CAN’T WAIT!

: )

Starbucks: my mocha.

Adventuring into 2014, and it’s been 4 days..and I’ve already completed one of my unwritten goals. It’s not something that I’ve wanted to try for a long time, but my mom thought it would be a good idea to explore outside my usual grande green tea lemonade 2 syrup order at Starbucks and try something else for a change (also because it’s cold outside).

I rarely get drinks to go in the winter, mainly because I think the cups are such a waste..although there’s recycling and stuff..but I had a ‘buy one a drink free’ from Chapters that can be used at participating Starbucks…why not!

It was fancy, with the whipped cream and sprinkles that the barista topped the drinks off, but by the time my camera got to the drinks. : ( OH WELL.  My first attempt to try something coffee related really surprised me, as I drank my mocha. I tend to avoid coffee drinks as it has milk and cream that I dislike, a lot. But my first sip was intriguing, as I quite like the taste…no milk or cream related taste on my buds. Then I sipped my moms hot chocolate, as the hot chocolate at Starbuck’s has to be made with milk, according to the barista. Nevertheless, I also enjoyed my mom’s choice of drink, with no milk/ cream tastes on my buds…another successful order. Now I have ventured into the Starbuck’s hot drinks menu, and no more just ordering grande green tea lemonade 2 syrup. 

I’m proud of myself for reaching another step, but there’s this sour aftertaste that I can’t get rid of, maybe that’s why people request a cup of water, to rinse off that aftertaste.