Continental Bagel – Ottawa

Are Ottawa bagels on par with  Montreal bagels? Before we left Ottawa, we had brunch at Continental Bagel in ByWard Market. The bagel shop is located in the central building that is surrounded by the market.

From top and clockwise: vegetarian on sesame, Montreal smoked meat on poppy seed, breakfast bagel on sesame and a plain herb & cheese.


The bagel shop is busy on that Sunday morning and nonstop bagels were in the making. Don’t expect much service and keep an eye on your order. The shop lacks communication between staff and the service can be quite slow. Luckly, we came early and didn’t have to wait much.


The bagel shop also has pastries, hot drinks and bagels by the dozen.


Hey, I can spot my dad watching the bagel man do his job. The below photo was taken on the second level, where the washrooms are located.


Which is better? They both have pros and cons, but I’d have to go with Montreal bagels. There’s just something about the smell, people lining up and walking out with a freshly baked bagel smeared with butter that screams Montreal!

Click here to be redirected to ByWard Market’s store directory for Continental Bagel.
Photos via iPhone 6.


Piccolo Grande – Ottawa

The last entry of my Ottawa In A Day series like having a multi course meal for dinner. The final stretch of the series is obviously ending with a scoop (or two) of dessert (how classic). After doing my usual research aka reading tons of reviews, I chose to go to Piccolo Grande (means small big in Italian, according to Google translate).

This small cafe is at the edge of ByWard Market and we almost missed it. There is a lot of flavours to choose from, some gelato and some sorbet. They also have drinks, cakes and candy bars (the kind you’d find at a corner store).

We were all full from dinner at Coaster’s Seafood Grill, so we decided to share two flavours; lemon sorbet and walnut gelato. The sorbet was really sour (just like eating a lemon) but unfortunately the walnut was stale (according to my parents).



Piccolo Grande’s official website doesn’t seem to work. However, there’s a Facebook page, but it’s not really active.
Photos via Canon G12.

ByWard Market – Ottawa

If you know me well enough, you will know that ABSOLUTELY love (almost) any kind of market. If you’ve read my latest post, my family had a weekend in Ottawa and of course, we had to stop by ByWard Market. We actually were there on both days because it was so close to where we were staying. (I’m actually quite disappointed that I didn’t get more pictures of the market).

We spotted a cute bakery (Aux Delices Bakery) that had all sorts of pies, desserts and baked goods by the display window. There were quite a lot of customers when we stopped by Saturday afternoon.


This gingerbread cookie that resembled eggs on toast had to be the cutest thing I’ve seen, baking wise.


Inside ByWard Market Square, are a mix of different food cuisines, cafes, Mexican and cheese shops. Unluckily, it didn’t occur to be me that I would be blogging about this market. But my dad found Olaf (from Frozen) on a caramel apple (more like a frozen apple, HAHA).


Next time I’m in ByWard Market, I would love to browse more of the market. There are many bars and great restaurants for couples. The market’s night life is crazy!

Click here to visit ByWard Market’s website.
Photos via iPhone 6.