Tofu House – Markham


Nevermind me in the photo and focus on the restaurant (It was very difficult to get a decent picture of the restaurant outside, as the lighting wouldn’t cooperate). This Korean tofu joint is the next best thing to Buk Chang Soon Tofu. Let’s weigh the options.


The menu has a variety of options,  but really disliking the $2 difference for some of the dishes. The style is similar to Buk Chang’s, serving appetizers but they don’t serve the soy beans like Buk Chang, I always look forward to eating them when I go out. And we got some salad, which dressing’s tasted like the ones at Japanese restaurants.



By similar style, I mean the rice is served in a hot stone pot and the soup in another. We all ordered different soups; seafood, assorted, mushroom and bean paste (I think). The over all taste was average and the tofu was very soft.






The restaurant is small and there are only two waiters, who aren’t very active at cleaning up the deserted tables. The service was average, as I didn’t expect much.
If you’re not willing to drive to Yonge and Finch for some Korean food, this place will do.


Day 11- Seoul (Part 8)

This was my second last full day in the city before I had to go home. On the weekend, Carmen and I jam packed our schedule, fitting as much as we could into the the no so many last days I had left.

We went to a bookstore and was tired, so we decided to have a treat before dinner.


I haven’t had Baskin Robbins in so long. But it was good to have a treat (not like I wasn’t eating till I was completely full every night). It was also a mistake to have ice cream before dinner, because we both underestimated how big our dinner portions were.

Carmen found a popular must-go-to-have yukaejang (soup) that was located in Cheonggyecheon area. We decided to have an early dinner. The restaurant was somewhat hard to locate, as it was hidden in an alley with garage and lighting shops around. We were the only customers when we walked in, and we kind of (only slightly) got asked 21 questions (about us and where we come from).







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Day 10- Seoul (Part 7)

Lunch. I’ve spent more than a week in Seoul. And since, I know my way around the major parts of the city (the places that I’m familiar with), I’ve been spending most of my time in the Myeongdong shopping area. After going to Lotte Young Plaza and Lotte Department Store (similar to Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s in America), I debated on having lunch in a sit down restaurant because I don’t know how to speak or read basic Korean. So I went to Noon Square to look at the restaurants on the 6th floor. Luckily there were pictures on the menu. And I took a risk. It took me ten days to finally have the guts to step out of my comfort zone. The restaurant was lovely. I got to sit anywhere as it was 2pm when I walked in to have my lunch. I sat behind the curtains, where on one else was sitting.


I ordered udon with tempura. And I did not expect this many sides with what I ordered. Everything tasted lovely. My favourite was the rice roll (in the middle).


I couldn’t find an english name for the restaurant, as it was in Japanese. But I’m sure there are other restaurants that have similar dishes.

For dinner, Carmen took me to Gwangjang Market. It was the perfect cold night to be at the market. It was a different experience since being in the city. There are different food booths that you could sit at and eat from. The benches are heated, so that makes life a bit better. But honestly, it was about negative 10 degrees celsius plus wind. My hands were almost frozen from holding the chopsticks with just my bare hands.

There are different foods at each booth: dumplings, kimbap, noodles, seafood, soondae and dukbokki.








We both shared an order of noodles and dumplings. The kimchi was the best I’ve had so far. Not too spicy and not too sour. I was putting my dumplings in the noodles’ broth, cause they turned cold. So the owner of the stall that we were eating at gave me a new bowl of hot steaming soup so I can put my cold dumplings in. She was super nice to us. I don’t know how they manage the cold weather so props to them. I’ll never forget eating like this.




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