Chocolate Treats

After lunch with C, we decided to walk around. We went into clothing stores but C had told me about this chocolate drink she had at Lindt. So after we finished looking at clothes, we walked into chocolate land! (Click here to read up on where C and I went for lunch.)








C ordered a Classic Milk Chocolate (I think).


I had a White Chocolate Mocha.

Both were extremely chocolatey, which I love and the chocolate shavings added the finishing touches. I usually don’t go for anything coffee-related, but it was good!

I definitely recommend both drinks to anyone that is a chocolate lover. Or if you’re looking for a treat, why not this…go big or go home!

P.S. Thanks to C for treating me and letting me know about the goodness of this drink.
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Ghirardelli Chocolate

For all the chocolate lovers….


When I was in Chicago this past weekend, I stopped by Ghirardelli. Everything is chocolate. You can order chocolate desserts and or look at the wall of chocolate goodies.


This is the menu. Ice cream to sundaes and waffle cones. I think there is more to the menu once you enter the store.




I did not get a chance to try anything on the menu, as I was eating all throughout the day. I was stuffed when I got to Ghirardelli’s. I love waffle cones and chocolate desserts, but I was just too full. Next time, I’ll leave room for an afternoon snack or a treat.

Click here to go to Ghirardelli’s website.