Eataly in Chicago

When I was Chicago for the weekend, I visited Eataly. I wasn’t aware of such existence. You could say that I was in food heaven. I could have spent more than an hour in there, but we only had a hour or we had to make good use of our time. Just a side note, Iron Chef Mario Batali co-owns this or something like that.

If you are still unaware of Eataly, it’s a combination of high quality Italian groceries with a couple of Italian restaurants located on the second floor. I would love to try out the restaurants next time I’m in the city.


The shopping carts are like the ones in Asia. So cool!


Building directory.




My mom looking at the wall of jams.



I thought this wheel was pretty neat. It’s a wheel of what’s in season.




My mom bought me the large chocolate cookie, on the left in the picture above. It’s too big for one person and really dense.


People making different kinds of pasta.





These were only some of the photos I took at the grocery store. I didn’t want to over load this blog post with only pictures.

E N J O Y !

Epic Burger

My dad has been non-stop talking about Epic Burger ever since he found out that there’s several burger locations in Chicago. And yes, we finally ate at one of the locations..I had a lovely time there. Everything was good, I can’t think of a single bad experience during my time there.

I’ve been to similar style restaurants before’ you place your order and pay, then you’re given a number for the table you sit at. And you wait for your food. The service was excellent (and I’m not lying) as the guy that brought us our food was really nice.




I’ve never seen a restaurant use organic ketchup. But good for them for choosing the right way.


The order number I was talking about earlier. Pops are refillable.




I ordered the Epic Burger Classic Shake (#3) combo on whole wheat bun. It would be a whole other story if they served sweet potato fries… : (


For my milk shake, I chose peanut butter..I might as well and did go all out..eating burgers and fries. It was delicious.

I definitely recommend giving this burger joint a try..I think if you like Shake Shake, chances are you will fancy this too.

P.S. I really enjoyed my time here and as a bonus, the washroom was clean and the water that flowed from the tap when washing hands flowed fast with warm water. It just bugs me when I need to wait for the cold water to turn to warm water when washing my hands.

Ghirardelli Chocolate

For all the chocolate lovers….


When I was in Chicago this past weekend, I stopped by Ghirardelli. Everything is chocolate. You can order chocolate desserts and or look at the wall of chocolate goodies.


This is the menu. Ice cream to sundaes and waffle cones. I think there is more to the menu once you enter the store.




I did not get a chance to try anything on the menu, as I was eating all throughout the day. I was stuffed when I got to Ghirardelli’s. I love waffle cones and chocolate desserts, but I was just too full. Next time, I’ll leave room for an afternoon snack or a treat.

Click here to go to Ghirardelli’s website.