Bobbette & Belle


The first time I had Bobbette & Belle Chocolate Hazelnut Cake was about four months ago (I posted a photo on my tumblr), for dad’s birthday I believe. He instantly fell in love with it, he likes anything with nuts and chocolate.


So for father’s day (June 21, 2015), dad requested the same cake. If you like Ferrero Rocher, I’m pretty sure you’d like this cake. The chocolate topping reminds me of the regular ferrero rocher. The chocolate layers are not too light or dense, just the perfect ratio of fluffiness to chocolate. I’m surprised that I didn’t find the ganache between the cake layers too thick. For me, the worst thing in a cake is when the cream layer in the cake is as thick as the cake itself. I love anything nutty, so having the cake covered with hazelnut is a bonus. (This is a six inch cake.)



Mom’s been to the shop. When she came home, she told me all she saw and asked us (dad and I) if we wanted to have afternoon tea there. At first I was like ‘nawh’, but now having seconds thoughts. I would like to try other cake flavours and baked goods.

Have you been/ had any treats from Bobbette & Belle? Comments? Click here to go to Bobbette & Belle’s website and here for a list of their cakes.



Uncle Tetsu’s Cheesecake

Photo 2015-04-28, 1 39 52 PM
Torontonians will gather and line up for the hottest thing in town. News does travel fast (thanks to social media and the web) and one of the recent trends was Uncle Tetsu‘s cheesecake. I was downtown two weeks ago and had some spare time on my hands. Thankfully the line was quite short and it wasn’t too hot to be lining up in the sun.

Photo 2015-04-28, 1 21 30 PM

There are several things you should note; cash only and one cake PER person. They already calculated how much you should pay in total (including tax).

Photo 2015-04-28, 1 22 16 PM

The shop is small; just enough room for two customers, standing side by side, shoulders touching.

Photo 2015-04-28, 1 29 56 PM

There are about 7ish staff working, the majority are preparing the cheesecakes and madelines.

Photo 2015-04-28, 1 32 36 PM

Photo 2015-04-28, 1 33 25 PM

The hot and ready-to-eat cheesecakes are stamped with the logo before boxing.



The verdict?
The cheesecake is light in flavour and texture (don’t eat anything to flavourful before). The madelines were a disappointment; too dry and plain (honey cakes? I couldn’t taste any honey). I waited a hour and a half to make my purchase. Though I didn’t mind waiting in line, this definitely doesn’t deserve more than a hour wait time.
Uncle Tetsu’s website here. Article and video (The Star) on the Japanese cheesecake here. Follow @tetsulineup (Twitter) for line up wait times.

Vanilla Quick Bread– Food Network

It was a stressful and very tiring week for me. I decided to do some Friday night baking to cheer myself up and make this really simple vanilla quick bread (listed as #27) recipe from the Food Network magazine October 2014 issue. I had all the ingridents at home and it took me less than 30 minutes to make the batter. I didn’t have a bread tin so I baked them as cupcakes. : )


I added some sprinkles for jazz up this plain vanilla bread.


Lovely rainbow colours. The recipe says to bake it for 55-60 minutes, but since I put them in muffin tins, I baked them for 30-ish minutes. This batter was quite thick when I took my first bite. But nevertheless, it tastes amazingly good, even though it’s just vanilla flavoured.


This recipe makes a good treat for parties or when you want to make something fancy but don’t have time to go out and buy stuff for something extravagant.