Sunday Pancakes x 2


Nothing like a wintery Sunday morning making pancakes for breakfast. I can’t remember the last time we made pancakes. Actually, I’m not a big fan of pancakes. The fact that making pancakes with my family makes me really happy. We hardly see each other, besides eating at the dinner table.


Because my brother can’t have dairy products and eggs, I searched for an eggless and dairy free recipe. I chose a vegan and gluten free recipe. I never really liked vegan or gluten free foods; there’s something plain about it. But I WAS so wrong. This Vegan and Gluten Free Vanilla Buckwheat Pancake recipe by Oh She Glows completely changed my mind. The batter was thinner compared to a normal milk and egg pancake mixture, but what the hell. Using a ladle, I scooped the batter and placed a hot plat cast iron buttered grill. They cooked within seconds (wait for the bubbles to form).


Because my dad is a picky eater, I used Sorted Food’s Cinnamon Swirl Pancake recipe. This recipe made a thick batter, too thick compared to a regular pancake mix. Nevertheless, this recipe was fun and pretty easy to make. We had fun squirting the cinnamon butter on the pancakes!



To top off these two very different pancakes, we made peameal bacon. Trying to be super healthy (but not really because there we used a lot of butter to cook the pancakes), we had bananas and avocados.


Sorted Food’s Cinnamon Swirl Pancake recipe (Youtube video here)
Oh She Glows’ Vegan and Gluten Free Vanilla Buckwheat Pancake recipe

*This is part of my new year resolution. I’m trying to cut out junk food and eat healthier. To me, that means more fruits, vegetables, yogurt and grains. And of course, less eating out, but treating myself one in a while.
** In NO means I am trying to persuade anyone to change their eating habits.

Homemade Granola- Haste’s Kitchen

I found Haste’s Kitchen on Youtube a while back. I’m been watching his videos, whenever I have time. I like his quick, simple and quite healthy recipes. His granola recipe is really simple and with my currently schedule, I’ve made it it three times in three weeks. I usually make a batch and that can give me breakfast on school days (since I have a early start). I bring a single cup of yogurt with a small box of granola and that’s my breakfast. It surely isn’t enough but it’s enough to stop my stomache from grumbling.



I think I left the granola in the oven for too long. It kinda burnt, but other than that, really easy, ready in about 30 minutes and lasts a long time in a tightly sealed container.


I added whatever nuts I could find in the kitchen cupboard. I know this will be a staple in my diet for a very long time. : )