Alchemy Coffee

Last month, I was off on a random Saturday (hurray) and met a good high school friend for breakfast. I have never heard of Alchemy Coffee but M has been dying to try the buttermilk pancakes. She wanted to compare these pancakes to Mildred’s Temple.

When I got there at 10am, the restaurant was already packed. And a table for two wasn’t long to wait for. The turnover was quite fast as people came in and out during my hour stay.

Photo 2017-02-25, 10 37 05 AM

We ordered three dishes; pancakes (to share), egg benedict with peameal bacon (for her) and a classic brekkie with extra hash and sausages without eggs (for me).

Photo 2017-02-25, 10 42 17 AM

Photo 2017-02-25, 10 42 21 AM

I finished my plate, just leaving a sausage (the sausages were frozen store bought). M only finished half of her meal and I packed the pancakes. The food was mediocre. M and I wouldn’t go back, but I’m always willing to try new restaurants.

The pancake verdict? I think me having to take the leftovers home speaks for itself. Haha!

Hot Stacks Famous Pancakes

We hardly ever venture out of the Scarborough-Toronto area. 1. Scarborough is a central spot to find most Chinese foods (that my family will eat). 2. What’s the point? (though I see all the other activities we could be doing.)

This was definitely a special day (or weekend rather) because my parents went on a cruise! And I took the day off from studying just to come here (sort of). We started off, well early enough, leaving the house around 9 A.M.ish. It took us about an hour’s car ride to get to Tanger Outlets in Cookstown. After all the shopping, we finally made it to Hot Stacks Famous Pancakes, located five minutes West of the mall (literally five minutes!).

Photo 2015-11-15, 2 12 20 PM

It’s really family friendly. The restaurant looks so cute! It’s really big and spacious inside. I wish I had taken a panorama from the entrance.

Photo 2015-11-15, 2 12 23 PM

A restaurant that serves (mainly) breakfast items all day (till closing)…I LOVE IT! The menu has plenty to choose from….pancakes, waffles to omelettes.

Photo 2015-11-15, 1 23 00 PM
Photo 2015-11-15, 1 22 53 PM

The premium orange juice wasn’t anything fancy. It just comes with pulp.

Photo 2015-11-15, 1 23 51 PM

We were starving and almost ate everything! I had a hard time choosing what I wanted because I wanted a bit of everything!

D ordered Liver, Bacon and Onions (under the Lunch Clasics) (typical him). It came with a side of chicken rice soup. And the soup was delicious (we never had that before).

Photo 2015-11-15, 1 30 19 PM
Photo 2015-11-15, 1 43 18 PM

A also had a hard time deciding what she wanted. I believe she settled with the Junior Lumberjack (under Breakfast Classics) ; that came with everything: eggs, pancakes, sausage, bacon and hash brown.

Photo 2015-11-15, 1 43 22 PM

I ordered the Cinnamon Apple Glazed Waffle. Truly disappointed. The waffle (YES, one waffle) wasn’t crispy and where do I even begin with the glaze? It is honestly apple sauce with powdered cinnamon. I was expecting more, like a cinnamon apple waffle batter? And it wasn’t hot either. Maybe warm? It’s been too long! (Sigh!)

Photo 2015-11-15, 1 43 15 PM

Photo 2015-11-15, 1 43 55 PM

I’m on the edge if you ask me whether or not I would eat here again. I do like the atmosphere and the friendliness of the staff. I have yet to encounter something similar to this in my area. But the journey here is a bit too long.

Visit Hot Stacks’ website here.
*All photos via. my iPhone 6.

Day 13 (Part 1) – Seoul (Part 10)

I think this is one of my favourite restaurants/ places in Seoul. I’m really glad that Carmen let me choose where we could have brunch/ lunch. And the reviews surely did not disappoint.

IMG_6937The menu was double sided, if I remember correctly, and it was so hard for me to choose a dish to order. I wanted waffles, pasta and basically one of everything on the menu.



Inside was really big and filled with green plants that made it cozy and warm. The interior reminded me of a garage, at least if sitting by the windows. It was a bit cooler sitting next to the windows.




Carmen ordered a plate of pancakes and sausages that came with a latte.



I settled with seafood pasta. I didn’t realize that my pasta came with a drink or I would have changed my coffee to something else.



(This is so tumblr ready!)


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