Tin Roof Cafe – Erin, Ontario

I love finding new cafes and anyone who knows me well, know that I’d travel for food. I was in the Caledon area, for Pumpkinfest at Downey’s Farm when K told me that he wanted to try some local cafe. So I did my research and found Tin Roof Cafe, which is located in Erin Ontario, just 18 minutes from the farm. He complained all the way there but when I asked him about what he thought, he gave me a smile (but still complained to the farm).

Tin Roof has about 5-6 parking spots and most of the customers are local. We were seated on the second floor, which overlooks the cafe.

We had a nice and quick meal, which consisted of a cup of Nutellaccino, Caprese Sandwich and Tin Roof Breakfast Sandwich.

I would love to visit Tin Roof again, but I have to bribe K to come with me.
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Continental Bagel – Ottawa

Are Ottawa bagels on par with  Montreal bagels? Before we left Ottawa, we had brunch at Continental Bagel in ByWard Market. The bagel shop is located in the central building that is surrounded by the market.

From top and clockwise: vegetarian on sesame, Montreal smoked meat on poppy seed, breakfast bagel on sesame and a plain herb & cheese.


The bagel shop is busy on that Sunday morning and nonstop bagels were in the making. Don’t expect much service and keep an eye on your order. The shop lacks communication between staff and the service can be quite slow. Luckly, we came early and didn’t have to wait much.


The bagel shop also has pastries, hot drinks and bagels by the dozen.


Hey, I can spot my dad watching the bagel man do his job. The below photo was taken on the second level, where the washrooms are located.


Which is better? They both have pros and cons, but I’d have to go with Montreal bagels. There’s just something about the smell, people lining up and walking out with a freshly baked bagel smeared with butter that screams Montreal!

Click here to be redirected to ByWard Market’s store directory for Continental Bagel.
Photos via iPhone 6.

Day 13 (Part 2) – Seoul (Part 11)

After we finished lunch, we slowly walked back to the subway station. On the way back, we stopped by the famous Napoleon Bakery (many wealthy people come here to get breads, pastries and cakes). “We might as well take a look,” I said to my cousin and made a quick run around. I liked the atmosphere, very spacious and  welcoming. I wouldn’t mind sitting down and having afternoon tea here (had I known about it).


The frozen treats arrangement was so cute. Too bad it was winter, or I would have gotten one ‘to go’.


My last dessert before I left and it consisted of chocolate shaved ice at Red Mango & Cacao Green.


Located on the streets of Myeongdong, second floor, this is a perfect place to stop by and have a snack while watching the busy shoppers (if you’re lucky enough to get a seat by the window).


I don’t remember exactly what we ordered, but Carmen told me that the shaved ice is actually chocolate flavoured and then frozen and shaved into this lovely dessert. Topped with more chocolate and brownies, this is definitely a chocolate-lover’s heaven-on-earth-must go place. This was plenty enough for the both of us.



To end my official last hours in Seoul, I suggested to have take-in. I wanted to call it an early night and just relax while I rest and pack up for home. So we had a classic, pizza for dinner while watching a movie (felt like a sleep over!). The pizza options were crazy; sausage, bulgogi and everything else meat. Maybe I’m too Westernized with the idea that pizzas should have peppers, mushrooms, pepperoni and the ‘regular’ toppings that you can find on North American pizzas.


I think I would call it a ‘super’ (that’s on the Pizza Pizza menu), which included pepperoni, green peppers and mushrooms (I’m not too sure by looking at the photo below). All the other options on the menu was what I described above. Maybe next time I will try a classic Korean pizza.


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