Ten Restaurant

I never heard of Ten before a coworker told me. I didn’t express interest in it at first, because if I did, she would tell me her experience and let me tell you..food is all she talks about at work.
So I did my own research about it and thought long and hard about if, I wanted to try it out. At first, I was hesitant about asking K. I know for a fact that he would, for sure, say no at first..mainly because of the cost. It is $115 per person for 10 courses. I know it is costly and not everyone has the money for it, so I didn’t push much on the subject. But I came up with a proposal to ask him if he would be slightly interested and told him he could think about it. He has never had a tasting menu before and I wanted to share this experience with him. And it is very rare to find a restaurant that does vegetable forward tasting menus.

We had the ten course tasting menu and K felt extra special, so he also had the tasting wine (as a treat).

The first course, salad with sunflower honey. The honey under the salad leaves were as thick as a stack of coins. There is a lot of vegetables under the leaves and I ate it within three bites. The green sauce on the side was my favourite from this dish.

Ricotta dumplings with cauliflower bits and cauliflower foam. This was my favourite dish so far. A bit sad that there were only a handful of dumplings under the cauliflower foam.

Blend of celery, carrot and other vegetables. This reminded me of a mirepoix, but with what I thought was quinoa.  It had a mix of warm spices and perfect on a old winter night, but this was one of my least favourite dish.

Sunchokes with spinach dressing. This dish was an interesting one. I never had this root vegetable before and taste similar to potato, except there is no flourly texture, which is a plus. I might pick up some sunchokes and experiment with them.

Housemade sourdough bread with carrot butter. Oh my goodness, where should I start? First, the house made bread is sliced minutes before toasting. Toasting the bread on one side, gives it a two tone texture. Then the carrot butter was so smooth and melted on the small slice of bread. I could savour the flavours and moment forever.

Beet and lettuce. The beet was pickled and glazed with a sweet beet sauce. The romaine lettuce was grilled and suited the beet well, as one was sweet and the other was a bit bitter.

Mushroom with cashew dressing.  I have mixed feelings about this. I like this mushroom (mushrooms are expensive) but it was a bit salty for me, even though there was a leafy green to balance the saltiness.

Palette cleanser: a mixture of leftover ingredients used in the other courses (it was sour from the green apple and cold)from being frozen).  I never thought that something like an flavoured ice cube could have such an effect.

Tart with apple circles. I wonder why the tart was cut in half. I know that it is a tasting menu, but perhaps, a smaller size tart could have been better. I also didn’t care about the tart as I don’t remember liking the flavours.

Corn and apple with berry sauce. Surprisingly, this was also a favourite. The berry sauce was tart enough to balance the fried corn dessert.

These are all the wines K tasted. My favourite was Monbazar 2017. It was light and refreshing, not too woody. But who am I to judge, I hardly drink white wine.
All the staff were nice and friendly but one of the staff was a bit to forward with her attititde and presence. Would have loved to see the staff interacting more at the front of the house, cause I know that they were having a blast at the back.
Overall, the food was delicious and I applaud the restaurant for trying to use every bit of a whole ingredient. For example, I saw a green apple being sliced using a mandoline. The chef was using a cookie cutter to punch holes from the slices for the tart. Then the corn fritter had bits of leftover apple in it.
I would definitely recommend this restaurant. You can see the time and thought put into each dish. Although one may not have so much to spend on one meal, you can check the socials for popup events.

Click here for the restaurant’s website and here for Instagram.


Tin Roof Cafe – Erin, Ontario

I love finding new cafes and anyone who knows me well, know that I’d travel for food. I was in the Caledon area, for Pumpkinfest at Downey’s Farm when K told me that he wanted to try some local cafe. So I did my research and found Tin Roof Cafe, which is located in Erin Ontario, just 18 minutes from the farm. He complained all the way there but when I asked him about what he thought, he gave me a smile (but still complained to the farm).

Tin Roof has about 5-6 parking spots and most of the customers are local. We were seated on the second floor, which overlooks the cafe.

We had a nice and quick meal, which consisted of a cup of Nutellaccino, Caprese Sandwich and Tin Roof Breakfast Sandwich.

I would love to visit Tin Roof again, but I have to bribe K to come with me.
Click here to visit see the website.

Afternoon tea – Patisserie Fleur

I recently saw a post on Instagram about this cafe, Patisserie Fleur, in downtown Markham. The cafe has many cake and drink options to choose from. And I’m always looking for new food adventures that I can share with K. He has not been exposed to many of my favourite outings and since Winter is fast approaching, I thought it’d be a great opportunity to sneak in one of the many activities I have lined up on this Thanksgiving long weekend.

I had been browsing the website and we decided on having afternoon tea. And the price was fairly decent (but still pricey) compared to the 5 star hotels.

We got to choose the tea of our choice and I was very please with my tea, Bain de Rose, it tastes like Chinese tea.

There were many desserts and pastries. But we could not finish it all. It was definitely filling and my favourite would have to be the mango tart (pictured below). Our least favourite was the bread with avocado and sprouts. K really liked the croissant with cucumber and cream cheese. The scoones was quite dry to my liking and it could have been more moist.

There were a few things that could be improved about the service/ cleanliness about the restaurant.
1. When I called to change my reservations, the lady on the other line told me that they were fully booked on Saturday. I was able to get a table for the time requested, but when I went in that day, there was only one other party (of 4) seated for afternoon tea? I’m not sure if they were fully booked or maybe all the other parties had cancelled.
2. Our server slipped when placing the tea stand and one dessert’s class container broke. There was shattered glass and she cleaned it up, but I still found a few pieces lying around (tiny pieces) on the table, floor and on my seat.
3. When she slipped, she dropped a macaroon and gave us another one on a napkin. I would assume that she would have it on a plate and place the new macaroon on the stand with tongs.
4. The jam and clotted cream plate had dust on it. I noticed the dust because the plate was white. It wasn’t dust bunnies but dust that you would see from a wet cloth.
5. Does afternoon tea come with milk and sugar? I have not been to many, but for the places that I have had tea at, they do it British style with the two.

I would most certainly recommend visiting this cafe, whether it be for tea or stopping by to pick up a cake. Note that afternoon tea requires 48 hours advance notice.
Click here to visit the website.