Canmore & Banff Food Diary

Last month, my parents and I took a week off and went to Alberta to explore the Rockies. The mountains and scenery were amazing.. and the food did not disappoint! (the place we stayed at had a kitchen and dining area, so we did not go out for dinner every night)

Puttanesca with garlic, shallots, olives, chillies, anchovies, parmesan, herbs, olive oil & tomatoes

First dinner after arriving in Camore at Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co.

French onion with a side of bone marrow

Fresh produce at the farmer’s market

More fresh produce !

Blondie’s kale smoothie to quench the thirst

Quick lunch at Town of Lake Louise

Bison short ribs

Last meal in Canmore at Murrieta’s


Photo Blog (Part 2) – Japan 2019

Street Food

Street food

Soba with dipping sauce

Dinner at the ryokan

Dinner at the ryokan

Breakfast at the ryokan

Lunch box bought at the train station

Soft serve

Ramen at Mutekiya

Dipping ramen

Eel rice served three ways