Taipei style, dinner on a rooftop – Taipei Part 7


Imagine sitting on the second floor, on a short stool that sits ontop of unsteady floors. That’s what it was like for this dinner. It was somewhat uncomfortable the stools had shorter legs and the table was basically like an Ikea’s kids table. The food was undoubtedly enjoyable, but when the winds blew our way, the roof and second floor supports were literally shaking.

八仙炭烤 (Eight Immortals Charcoal Grill ) serves fried and stewed dishes (小炒).  We had a big feast that night; local vegetables, oysters, fish, shrimp and stinky tofu. We even had to order an extra plate of fried noodles because the table beside ours had one.

As the night progressed, there were more people coming to eat. This is a sign…you know you made the right decision to dine here.









Thanks to Google and Google maps, I was able to find the restaurant name (八仙炭烤) and location (No. 28, Section 2, Xinsheng South Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106). This website gives a quick summary of the restaurant’s style and dishes it offers (the address of the restaurant is out of date).
I would definitely recommend eating here, it was a new experience for me (eating at a low table, sitting on a stool and being worried that the structure might collapse).


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