Yong Kang Rd 永康街 – Taipei Part 2

Little did I know that I would be staying near a cute little mini street market just less than a five minute walk from the hotel I was staying at.  After lunch, we quickly dropped went to the hotel to clean up and headed to Yong Kang Road.

The street isn’t like the major night markets, but it does have many cute independent stores but there are also the main chain stores, such as Clarks shoes.

There are many individual Chinese supermarkets and I found one that has fresh juices. I was in awe when I saw durian milk (I’m in heaven).


Along the street was 天津蔥抓餅 (Tian Jin Flaky Scallion Pancake), which is famous (there’s always as line) even when it’s raining cats and dogs. You can top the pancake with eggs and onions or just get a regular plain one.


There was also a cute shop that was making fresh snacks. Sort of similar to a waffle mixture, the waffle like snack is filled with red bean, or cheese.


This is absolutely a foodie’s heaven! There were many cute gift shops and so many restaurants! And many Taiwanese delicacies that we came across and had to try. Go ahead and you won’t regret it!



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