Karaikudi – Authentic Indian Chettinad

This Indian restaurant was recommended by one of my co workers. He is from South India and I remember randomly emailing him about which Indian restaurants he goes to.  I’ll never know what authentic Indian food will taste like, but a recommendation can do no harm, yes?

Well, who best to go with …none other than the person that equally loves Indian food as much as me (possibly even more). I let her (aka my good friend) take charge in ordering our meal: cauliflower 65 (deep fried cauliflower with spices), mutton masala, aloo gobi masala (potato & cauliflower) and butter naan. I’m not sure what was with the cauliflower theme, but I quite enjoyed the meal (but not the first time I ate here).

Photo 2017-02-11, 5 47 09 PM (1)

The dishes seem pretty small, but it was enough for the two of us. A plate of onions cost $1. The average price of our meal was around $35 and we packed the food we couldn’t finish.

Photo 2017-02-11, 5 40 25 PM

Click here for the restaurant’s website.


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