Duck School at King Cole (August edition)

My mom and I had the honour of attending King Cole’s Duck School in August, as Patti’s guests. If you are unfamiliar with King Cole (I wrote a blog about it here), as was I, the company owns a duck farm and is a major duck supplier (they supply ducks within Canada, to the States and Japan). My mom works works for a meat & poultry supplier, so that’s how Patti (a lovely lady and plays a major role in the company’s behind the scenes production and management) met my mom.
Patti and I have kept in contact and a while a go, she asked me if my mom and I were interested. Obviously we quickly agreed, we both love to attend anything that’s related to food. :P


We decided on August and Ladies Who Lunch was the theme. The guest chef, Christopher Pires, made a three course meal, using duck in all three dishes and of course, using King Cole’s products as well.

First course was a salad, composed of arugula, watercress and smoked duck breast.


Second course (the main) was a curry with coconut rice.


I think the dessert was my favourite — sticky toffee pudding with salted duck fat.


The class was about a two hour session. During this time Chef Pires cooked and taught us tips and tricks for cooking his three course meal. Patti also introduced us to the company and explained a lot about duck. We could ask questions throughout the session and everyone seemed to enjoy their time (a few people have attended a previous class).
The end finally came and everyone was given a goodie bag. In it had King Cole products; the duck products that were used in making the dishes that Chef Pires made.

A big thank you to Patti and King Cole for inviting my mom and I.
Click here for more information on Duck School and here for Chef Pires.
Photos via iPhone 6.


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